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About Jennifer

Jennifer Pettyjohn has taken an educational background in architecture and planning and an interest in geography and applied it to comprehensive land use and policy planning for almost 30 years in GIS at the City of Seattle.

She began her career at the City at the dawn of the development of the “central geographic database” which would lay the foundation for the robust data infrastructure that is leveraged in the new, powerful GeoDesign tools of ArcGIS Urban and the Urban Suitability Model.

Her work at the city has spanned all parts of the GIS platform from data development to complex spatial analysis, map making and, increasingly, the capabilities of the ArcGIS Online platform to deliver spatial information and analysis to the public in easy-to-use applications.

In her role as an analyst for policy planning related to land use, she worked on the City of Seattle’s first Comprehensive Plan adopted in 1994 and as part of the requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act and has continuously worked to improve the data and methodologies to help understand the future and the capacity of the City’s plans to accommodate growth.

With the development of GeoDesign tools, she feels this is an exciting time where software capabilities and data infrastructure intersect with a desire for a more complex and transparent understanding by decision makers and the public about our present and potential futures.

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