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About Joe

Joe is an urban planner imagining new ways to think about and visualize land use, urban design, and economics. He founded Urban3 to explain and visualize market dynamics created by tax and land use policies. Urban3's work establishes new conversations across multiple professional sectors, policy makers, and the public to creatively address the challenges of urbanization. Urban3's extensive studies have ranged geographically from over 30 states, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and Master of Architecture and Urban Design from Harvard University. In 2017, Joe was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential Urbanists of all time.


Presentation abstract

Mapping the Dollars and Sense of Land Use Patterns

Urban3 helps communities make better decisions through an understanding of data and community design using Esri’s tools. Our geodesign approach boils down complicated data into simplified graphics. We are able to break a city’s physical infrastructure system down into a financial flow and link that layer to revenues that demonstrate the true cost of managing a city.  Esri software gives Urban3 the technical power to unlock stories from complicated municipal and financial systems in communities across the country. While we use a variety of visual techniques, the primary method for displaying revenue and cost metrics is with Esri's ArcScene. ArcScene's ability to create three-dimensional representations of land value, tax value and value per acre trends, as well as municipal costs, in vertical "spikes" displays a huge amount of information in just a quick glance. Market variability and inequitable tax valuations, and of course, value per acre efficiency across our client communities are easily displayed in 3D using ArcScene.

In his presentation, Joe Minicozzi will highlight several examples from our work across the U.S. and beyond to change the way people think about the cost of development, sprawl and the value of land. The presentation will guide participants towards a better understanding of the link between economic productivity and community vitality through land use, and the power of Esri software to reveal the ways in which tax systems are the biggest barrier to creating financially resilient and sustainable communities. 

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