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Presentation abstract

Didactic Dynamic Digital Dioramas

This presentation will describe a research effort that will investigate the use of geodesign technologies ("digital") through landscape visualization ("dioramas") to communicate and educate ("didactic") resource management implications of wicked environmental problems. 

The Chesapeake Bay serves as a geodesign laboratory for conservation and restoration decisions. Collectively, these decisions will bear on our success in dealing with complex environmental problems associated with nonpoint source water pollution, estuary eutrophication, resiliency to climate change, and competing uses for valuable land resources. 

This project will apply multiple Esri ready-to-use local government solutions to evaluate the potential for three-dimensional landscape visualization to communicate before and after conditions resulting from environmental change and management responses. In addition to local government solutions, the project leverages a combination of ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and Esri Story Maps technologies along with LIDAR, high resolution (1 meter) land cover, and building footprint data in a variety of management contexts. 

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