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Presentation abstract

Digital Game Boards: Real-Time Civic Intelligence Platforms

Games offer an opportunity to comprehend real world complexities. Using CGA coding, place type definitions and multi-criteria impact calculators, a variety of spatial, economic and infrastructure data can be integrated to create digital replica of cities that provide real time feedback. These replicas, or game boards, can not only help accurately assess future planning and urban design proposals, but provide an avenue for a smarter management of civic assets, such as parking, open space, and water resources among others. 

For citizens and private sector stakeholders such digital boards can help them overcome the limitations of traditional urban planning and design processes. For public sector stakeholders, among others, the digital boards can help them leverage and optimize assets. Using project examples, this session will demonstrate a framework for creating a digital game board and associated data management techniques that urban planner and designers can adopt to solve urban challenges in their respective communities. 

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