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About Marten

Mr. Hogeweg joined Esri in 2001 as a Consultant and Project Manager focused on products and solutions for spatial data infrastructures (SDI), open government, and enterprise information sharing programs. He has extensive experience in geospatial industry standards from ISO, the Open Geospatial Consortium, United States Geospatial Platform, and European INSPIRE programs.

Since 2013, Mr. Hogeweg is the Program Manager for the implementation of the ArcGIS Platform at the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This platform provides access to core information across the port and supports asset management, strategic planning, and smart infrastructure processes. 

Mr. Hogeweg managed the design and implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure networking system in Indonesia between 2010 and 2015. The NSDI connects various government organization who can share geospatial information between themselves, as well as provides public users access through a public information portal.

Mr. Hogeweg has served as project manager for the Geospatial One-Stop program from 2003 to 2011. He was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the portal as well as for the development of enhancements and outreach to the user community. He managed the successful retirement of the portal and the transition to its successor site as part of Mr. Hogeweg was instrumental in building the relationship between the Geospatial One-Stop and programs.

Mr. Hogeweg has a Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Salford, United Kingdom (2000) and a Master of Science in Mathematics from the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1989).

Presentation abstract

PortOptimizer: planning for growth without growing 

Over a period of several centuries, the Port of Rotterdam has expanded its area of operation and as such was able to sustain growth in throughput and business activity in the port. Several times, the port has reclaimed land in the process. This method of growing business by growing area is coming to an end. The seaward expansion is economically not feasible, while inland expansion is impossible as the port is surrounded by highly developed urban areas.

Facing this situation, the port has decided to continue their growth by becoming the smartest port in the world. This has led to a strategic planning process that considers current and future potential use of the port, anticipated long-term growth scenarios, and potential growth-constraining factors such as environmental, safety, or traffic congestion.

The system that supports this strategic planning process is called PortOptimizer. Based on ArcGIS Pro, PortOptimizer allows planners to analyze future states of the port in relation to the development scenarios and inform strategic port development decisions.

In this talk we will describe the process as well as the PortOptimizer system, that will help the port to continue its growth without further growth in a physical sense.

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