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About Pamela

Pamela Conrad applies over 15 years of experience as a landscape architect transforming challenged urban areas into highly valued public realm open spaces. She is a CMG leader, guiding two of the largest environmentally innovative projects in the Bay Area responding to climate change—Treasure Island and the San Francisco Resilience Program. Both projects benefit from extensive community engagement, leadership, and strong management skills that Conrad brings. Her work on resiliency and climate change solutions is deeply rooted in her passion for the environment developed as a child growing up on a farm, degrees in plant science and regenerative design, and experience restoring waterways at the US Army Corps of Engineers.

She is a recipient of the 2018–2019 Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership for her work on developing the Climate Positive Design initiative. Conrad is providing tools, guidance, and resources for designers of the built environment to sequester more carbon than their projects emit. Conrad is sharing at lectures and events to academics and professionals around the globe; volunteers on the ASLA, IFLA, and LAF Climate Change working groups; and was recently recognized by the SF Business Times as a 2019 Woman of Influence.

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