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Presentation abstract

Energy, Emissions and Urban Form: A Cross-Scale Simulation Approach

This talk presents a novel approach for simulating future 'what-if' energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions scenarios in different patterns of urban form. The methodology merges bottom-up energy simulation using MIT's Urban Modelling Interface with procedural modelling of urban form in Esri CityEngine, Rhino and Grasshopper, to allow rapid generation of development pattern alternatives. The future policy scenarios are then measured and visualized in ArcGIS Pro. This approach develops a set of 3D urban form archetypes from a detailed spatial analysis of heterogeneous communities across the Province of British Columbia, Canada. It addresses a critical need for communities with limited data and resources, and in different geographic and climate contexts, to understand how technological, behavioral and urban form interventions can help them achieve GHG reduction targets in their particular built environments. Funded by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, the project has a mandate to deliver actionable policy guidance to provincial and municipal governments on effective, scalable and replicable GHG reducing strategies across diverse development patterns.t!

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