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April 11–12, 2023 | Redlands, California

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Jack Dangermond

Founder and President, Esri

A landscape architect by training, Jack Dangermond founded Environmental Systems Research Institute (now known as Esri) in 1969 with a vision that computer mapping and analysis could help design a better future. Under Dangermond's leadership, that vision has continued to guide Esri in creating cutting-edge geographic information system (GIS) and geodesign technologies used in every industry to make a difference worldwide

Peter Droege

Director, Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development 

Peter Droege directs the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development (LISD). He focuses on regenerative regional design, pursuing sustainable spatial change in practice and research. He has practiced in his fields in Africa, Australia, China, Europe, Japan, and the US. Professor Droege’s academic life stretches from MIT to the Universities of Tokyo, Newcastle, Sydney, and Liechtenstein. He has received a number of awards and his work has been widely published, including his books Intelligent Environments, Renewable City, 100 Percent Renewable, Climate Design, Urban Energy Transition, and Urban and Regional Agriculture.


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