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About Steven

Steve Anderson is VHB's vice president of Technology Services. Steve is responsible for directing the activities and expanding the use of GIS and innovative technologies at VHB. His background includes over 35 years of experience in planning, designing, and implementing GIS and related technologies in the local, regional, county, state, and federal government markets. Steve is a certified geographic information system professional (GISP) and has a BS in civil engineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut. He has worked for multiple Esri partners directing national programs where Esri technology has been planned for and implemented as part of the programs including NTIA's State Broadband Initiative, FGDC's 50 States Initiative, and FHWA's State Safety Capabilities Assessment. Steve is also the principal-in-charge of a number of Smart City Master Planning and Roadmap development projects.

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