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2018 Global Distributor Summer @ Esri UC - SESSION ABSTRACTS

ArcGIS Product Feedback

Come share your feedback with the ArcGIS product teams.

ArcGIS Road Ahead - Part I

This session will provide a road map for what's coming with the main ArcGIS products and technologies.

ArcGIS Road Ahead - Part II

This session will provide a road map for what's coming with the main ArcGIS products and technologies.

BIM-GIS Integration and the AEC Market: Roadmap and Strategy

Esri Business Development and Product Management will present updates on our BIM-GIS integration strategy, AEC market business development efforts, the latest information on our Autodesk partnership, and a roadmap for technology and product software efforts. The goal of this session will be to communicate our plans and to hear from Distributors about gaps, opportunities, competition, urgency of the effort globally, and go-to-market needs around maintaining Esri’s relevance in AEC and related markets such as Smart Cities, utilities, transportation and other industries using both GIS and BIM.

Day in Review

No Abstract

Effective Proposals & Projects

A proposal is the first step in the project lifecycle. This session will discuss ways that risks can be identified, mitigated, and reduced using the proposal process for targeted opportunities. Different types of risks will be highlighted and ideas will be shared to improve both the quality of proposals submitted to clients and the resulting projects.

Enterprise Advantage Program (EAP) Practice

Discuss recommendations and best practices for managing and implementing the EEAP program within your organization. We will focus on strategies for business development/sales positioning, program scalability considerations, resource management, and other topics or challenges that are of interest to Distributors. This will be a working session so be prepared to share your experiences! The intended audience for this exchange is EEAP program managers and other stakeholders who are responsible for operating the program.

Esri Training Services Road Ahead

Hear about the latest changes, initiatives and innovations taking place in Esri Training Services.  Discuss how these will impact your training services organization and your customers.

Extended Support

No Abstract

Field Operations with ArcGIS

This session will cover Esri's plans for Field Operations with ArcGIS.

Global Business UC Kick-off Meeting

No Abstract

Global Competition and Distributor Collaboration on Competitive Intelligence

We will address a variety of competitive pressures and trends from a global perspective in a presentation and Q&A about Esri’s competitive landscape, strategy, and positioning – emphasizing Open Source, Business Intelligence, and other important topics. Colleagues from Esri UK and Esri’s Americas team will then each present on local/regional competitive intelligence initiatives they developed, and successfully implemented, with the support of our team throughout 2017.

Guest Presenters:

Daniel Cronin (Esri UK)

Leandro Rodriguez (GM, Americas)

Global Support CRM

No Abstract

International Support Update and Strategy

No Abstract

International Training Program and Certification

Learn about the offerings provided through the Esri International Training Program (ITP) and Esri Technical Certification Program.  Discuss the ITP and Esri Technical Certification strategy for 2018 and understand how these changes will impact your staff, organization and customers.

IST @ GDS: AEM, Analytics, & Adobe Sites

Topic of Discussion: AEM, Analytics, & Adobe Sites.

IST @ GDS: eCommerce & EOER

Topic of Discussion: eCommerce & EOER

IST @ GDS: IAM & Okta

Topic of Discussion: IAM & Okta

IST @ GDS: Microsoft 0365

Topic for Discussion: Microsoft O365

IST @ GDS: Reporting & BI

Topic of Discussion: Reporting & BI

IST @ GDS: Salesforce Global Support

Topic of Discussion: Salesforce Global Support

IST @ GDS: Training - ReadyTech & Azure

Topic of Discussion: Training - ReadyTech & Azure

IST @ GDS: VPP & Licensing

Topic of Discussion: VPP & Licensing

Lightning Talks

No Abstract

Managed Cloud Services

Overview of some of the go-to-market efforts of Esri Managed Cloud Services. Topics include market positioning, business drivers, common deployment patterns, establishing standard architectures, and further developing a growing line of business

One Esri: Best Practices - Brand & Advertising / Sales Enablement

No Abstract

One Esri: Best Practices - Campaign Planning

No Abstract

One Esri: Best Practices - Competition and Trends

This presentation and Q&A about Esri’s competitive landscape, strategy, and positioning, our team will address a variety of competitive pressures and trends from an international perspective, emphasizing Business Intelligence, Smart Cities, and other important topics.

One Esri: Best Practices - Content Marketing

No Abstract

One Esri: Best Practices - Global Marketing

No Abstract

One Esri: Best Practices - Insights for ArcGIS Global Campaign

As a follow-up to the global briefing webinars conducted by Leandro Rodriguez in May, this session will provide the latest updates for this campaign. Come with your own plans and feel free to share with other distributors or ask Mallory questions.

One Esri: Best Practices - Product Marketing

No Abstract

One Esri: Best Practices - Regional Best Practices: Americas & Europe

Listen to successful stories of marketing practices from the Americas & Europe region.

One Esri: Best Practices - Regional Best Practices: Asia Pacific & WAMEA

Listen to successful stories of marketing practices from the APAC region. Thereafter, WAMEA team will be introducing the Africa GeoPortal.

One Esri: Best Practices - Social Media Strategy

This session will cover strategies and best practices for representing the Esri brand on distributors’ social media accounts. You will learn new methods for improving your analytics, videos, imagery and writing to gain more success from your social media efforts.

One Esri: Best Practices - Technology Analytics

Do you need to get more value from your Marketing Technology Stack?  Do you want to know more about the traffic coming to your website?  Did you know that you can create qualified leads for your Sales team just by monitoring web visitors?

This presentation will show you how you can use your existing web analytics platform to understand what marketing is working, regardless of what web analytics tool you use.  We’ll show you how to use the Adobe technology stack and Demandbase to empower targeted Sales calls to companies that are visiting your site already.  Lastly, you’ll learn how you can use your existing Marketing Automation solution to generate an MQL when a visitor comes to certain pages on your website.

One Esri: Best Practices - Update Session: Industry Marketing / National Government

No Abstract

One Esri: Best Practices - Website & Search Engine Optimization

No Abstract

One Esri: Best Practices - What Does the Digital Business Mean for the Future of Marketing

No Abstract

Plenary Session - Global Distributor Summit @ Esri UC

No Abstract

Professional Services & Programs Marketing

Discuss positioning and promoting Professional Services and Programs within the context of company, industry, product and services marketing initiatives. Review and share approaches to Services related marketing and communication to derive business value and outcomes.

Regional Support Updates: Americas, APAC, and EMEA / Distributor Presentation

No Abstract

Technical Consulting Practice

Discuss approach and methods used to provide consulting across multiple business and technical domains based on a customer’s organizational needs. This will include review of the spectrum of technical consulting services options to ensure customer success. Topics include:

-Differences and benefits of Enterprise, Configuration, and Rent-a-Tech Consulting

-What makes certain services more successful than others

-Services Packages design and sales

-Qualifying opportunities to streamline proposal development

The Esri Method

1:00am - 12:00pm: The Esri Method Concept

1:30pm - 2:30pm: The Esri Method - Case Studies

The Esri Method is a consultative approach to the customer journey. A philosophy where Esri staff actively engage with each other, and ultimately customers, to guide an iterative GIS implementation approach. The method focuses on incremental success and aligns technical accomplishments with organizational vision & goals. The approach supports Esri Sales methodology, Patterns and Practices methods & Esri Services Framework.

(Joint Session for Professional Services and Training Services)

The Power of ArcGIS

Great session to quickly hear about the plans for the key capabilities of ArcGIS. This session will cover mapping, analysis, imagery, 3D and the Hub.