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Engage with exhibitors and learn about their GIS-powered products and services.

Advanced Geodetic Surveys, Inc. (AGS)

AGS sells, supports, and services mapping and surveying equipment. Since 1991, it has strived to provide excellent support before and after each sale. With over 100 years of combined staff experience in surveying and mapping, AGS has the knowledge to help you provide the best product for your customer.

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Altamira provides high-quality consulting, engineering, and field support services to clients using regulatory compliance expertise. This includes process safety management, GIS, and environmental affairs. Altamira evolves with its customers, staying agile in dynamic environments as a long-term partner. Staff members’ experiences as operators, regulators, and consultants provides them with unique perspectives to create innovative solutions tailored to each client.

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Applied Training Solutions (ATS)

ATS provides services and expertise in disaster management, IT, modeling and simulation, software engineering, training, and mission support. One of its key products is the ATSsim platform—a full-scale, web-based distributed disaster response training tool. ATSsim provides realistic and scalable disaster response training and is used by the Department of Defense; federal, state, and local governments; and other industries.

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Axim Geospatial

Axim Geospatial’s mission is to use its expertise to provide clarity and solutions to help clients solve the world’s national security, infrastructure, and environmental problems. It’s the largest singular provider of end-to-end geospatial services and solutions in the US, empowering clients to make the world a smarter, safer, and better place. Axim operates out of offices nationwide.

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Trimble, Inc.—Cityworks

Trimble, Inc., delivers industrial technology solutions that connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency, and sustainability. Within Trimble’s vast ecosystem, Cityworks is a leading solution for public asset management and community development. Built with Esri’s ArcGIS technology, Cityworks enables local governments to maintain safe, resilient communities by streamlining the management of public infrastructure, permitting, and property.

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Eos Positioning Systems

Eos Positioning Systems is an Esri partner and the award-winning Canadian manufacturer of the Arrow Series GNSS (GPS) receivers. Arrow GNSS receivers provide high-level accuracy to all Esri mobile data collection apps (such as ArcGIS Field Maps and ArcGIS Survey123) on any iOS, Android, or Windows device. ArcGIS users can also access free Eos solutions, including laser and underground mapping.

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FenuxLabs provides consulting, software customization, and software development services for Esri’s ArcGIS products that target the electric, gas, water, and telecommunications sectors.

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NewEdge Services, LLC

NewEdge implements solutions for GIS, asset and work management, and permitting and code enforcement, as well as cloud-hosting of those systems. It provides clients with affordable, turnkey solutions for a variety of needs and provides additional resources for clients on specific projects. NewEdge has demonstrated experience with architecture, design, and management; Cityworks implementation, upgrades, and training; and ArcGIS Enterprise implementation and support.

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Texas A&M University Department of Geography

The geography department at Texas A&M University (TAMU) has strengths in physical, human, and geographic techniques. It offers BS degrees in geography and geographic information science and technology (GIST) and MS and PhD degrees in geography. It’s the home of a professional online masters of geoscience degree with emphasis in GIST and petroleum data management.

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URISA Texas is a professional organization supporting GIS users across Texas with webinars, workshops, training, and social networking events.

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