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Call for Papers

Be a part of the action and present at the Esri South Central User Conference. Give a presentation about your GIS project experiences, successes, and lessons-learned. You must have successfully used Esri GIS technology in the project you are presenting. 

2018 Suggested Topics:




Engineering, Surveying and Cadastral

Environment and Natural Resources

Facilities Management and Indoor GIS

GIS for Managers

Health and Human Services

Location Analytics

Planning, Community and Economic Development

Public Safety

Public Works and Utilities



Sustainable Communities

Submission Guidelines

Provide the following information:

  • Author/Presenter name(s)
  • Presentation title (10 words or less)
  • Abstract (500 characters or less)
  • Category from the side topic list
  • Company name
  • Contact information
  • Brief presenter biography (25 words or less)

Be sure to answer these questions:

  • What problem did you solve with GIS? What advantage did GIS give you?
  • What types of geospatial analysis did you use? Explain how and why you used them.
  • What are your findings or results?
  • How can this project be useful for the audience?

The submission deadline has passed. 

Presentation Tips and Reminders

  • The information you enter will be published on the website and in the agenda. Eliminate bullet points and numbering and avoid using words in all capital letters. All submissions must be in English.
  • Do not include information in your abstract that will not be in your presentation.
  • All papers and presentations must be noncommercial. At no time is it permissible for presenters to use their time slot to advertise or promote a product, service, or company.

Our committee will evaluate your abstract and make selections based on topic, content, and time available. All authors will be notified after the selection process.

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