About Félix

Dr. Félix Correa has held many government positions, as Head of Human Resources Planning, National Coordinator of Adult Health, Academic Coordinator of the Panama Node of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (PAHO), and is currently the Deputy National Director of Planning of Health of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Correa collaborates with the Panamanian Association of Bioethics as part of the Board of Directors, and belongs to the Medical College of Panama, Panamanian Association of Health Marketing, Panamanian Society of Public Health in which he has been part of the Board of Directors on two occasions, distinguishing his participation in the Dialogue for Health Table 2015-2016.

In the academic field, he has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in private and state universities in the field of Health and Public Health since 2012.

Education never stops and he has studied for his Master’s in Public Health, Master’s in Health Management, and Master’s in Health Information Systems Management. He is currently studying the Program in Epidemiology for Health Managers at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland).

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