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Appointment types

Whether your organization is deploying ArcGIS for the first time or modernizing an existing enterprise GIS environment, user adoption is critical to the success of your technology strategy. Esri's adoption strategy solutions help organizations address impacts of new technology using a structured framework grounded in people-focused change management best practices. Meet with a consultant to discuss your ArcGIS project's scope, timeline, and business goals, and get proven strategies to achieve the user adoption needed for success.

Discuss tools and workflows that will increase communication, collaboration, and overall efficiency for your AEC projects. Drawing on insights from customer success stories and industry best practices, we'll help you find ways to leverage Esri technology to benefit your project life cycle from start to finish.

Get advice and feedback on your enterprise implementation, including best practices, and leave with recommendations for meeting your architecture needs.

An Esri architect will work with you to perform a high-level review of your current architecture, then provide recommendations to better meet current and future requirements.

Meet with an expert to determine the approach that will best fit your Utility Network implementation and overall strategic objectives. This high-level consultation will cover key business and system integration requirements, geospatial workflows, and data migration planning and strategies to get you started in the right direction.

When leveraging a geographic approach in your organization's day-to-day operations, data errors can introduce unacceptable risk and unplanned costs.

Data Readiness Assessments provide insight into the types of errors that exist and the overall health of your GIS data's quality. This is an opportunity to see how clean your data is and to assess readiness for its intended purpose; for example, migrating to ArcGIS Utility Network.

In preparation for your appointment, you will need to upload a sample of your GIS data in file geodatabase. Instructions will be provided when you sign up. During your in-person appointment, Esri staff will review the checks performed and address key data concerns. A geodatabase with the check configurations, error features, and/or an Excel report will be provided to you as key takeaways.

Customers with water, wastewater, storm water, electric, and gas datasets can sign up.

Note: Esri is currently able to offer one appointment per customer to review only one dataset.

ArcGIS capabilities are advancing quickly. Do you have workforce skills in place to effectively leverage the technology? Meet with an Esri Training Consultant to analyze how current workforce roles align with your organization's mission and GIS-supported business goals. Start creating an actionable plan to ensure teams are prepared to deliver the results you need.

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