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Architecture Maturity Review

This review is a discussion to understand your architecture needs and help find the best solution based on your functional (what the system must do) and nonfunctional requirements (e.g., high availability, disaster recovery, and performance). An Esri Architect will provide feedback based on enterprise best practices and make recommendations for meeting system and solution architecture needs.

  • Is your GIS platform ready for your next migration? 
  • Is your GIS experiencing growth and do you want to understand how it will scale?
  • Do you need information on improving the user experience?
  • Do you want to know how new GIS solutions can meet your requirements? 
  • Do you have users asking about the current performance of the GIS solution? 
  • Are you looking to secure your GIS environment and are looking for options? 

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, bring your existing architecture plans or your vision for a GIS implementation for guidance and recommendations from Esri.

Utility Network Implementation Consultation

Obtain valuable guidance and feedback on your Utility Network readiness and Enterprise Architecture. We are currently able to offer one appointment per organization (on-site only). All appointments are complimentary and subject to availability.

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