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Events supported by the Esri Events App

Access important information including agenda, session descriptions, and activity dates and times. You can even create a personalized schedule to help you manage your time while at the event.
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Frequently asked questions

I can't log into the agenda.

Follow these series of steps:

  1. Sign in on
  2. From the drop down that appears when you hover over the down arrow by your name choose “ArcGIS Online”. This will take you to, you should be signed in.
  3. Once there (on, click on the drop down by your name again, and select “My Profile”.
  4. Next, click the blue “Edit My Profile” button at the top.
  5. You should be in the Edit screen. Verify everything is filled out correctly and then click the blue “Save”. Chances are you don’t have to edit anything in your profile, and eve rything is looking ok, but you still have to click “Save”, even if you didn’t change anything. Clicking “Save” is the most important step.
  6. Sign out from
  7. Return back to Sign out if you are signed in, just so you are starting clean.
  8. On a new tab, go to and try logging in again.

Where do I find the Events app?

Search for “Esri Events” in Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS)

I log in successfully on the Esri website or on MyUC, but when I go to the detailed agenda, it asks me to log in again.

That is the expected behavior. The agenda login is not integrated with or MyUC at this time.

Does the Events app exist for Windows phones?

No. Windows users should access the conference agenda via the web view available on the conference info pages.

I don’t see my conference listed in the app.

Make sure you have the latest Esri Events app and that no updates are needed to the app installed on your device. The latest Esri Events app requires iOS version 8.0 and up, and Android version 4.0.3 and up. If you are on an older version of operating system, you will not be able to get the latest Esri Events app until you update your operating system. As a fallback, you can use the web agenda available on the conference info pages.

When I look at maps on my Android phone, the basemap doesn’t show (it shows on iOS and on the web). I just see blank space between venues.

This is correct behavior. Android doesn’t show the basemap.

You don’t have an app for my device, are you planning to support more operating systems in the future?

The supported Apple and Android operating systems combine for 94% of the mobile web traffic to (Apple – 63%, Android – 31%) As a result, we are not currently planning to create a native app for a third operating system. For those who can’t run a native app, we offer the agenda in a web view, available from the conference info pages.

What features are you planning in the future?

Our roadmap will be determined by bug fixes and the results of usability testing conducted throughout the year.

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