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Sponsors and Exhibitors


Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors whose support makes this event possible.


alta4 AG

alta4 AG specializes in the field of 3D surveying using laser scanning, drone data acquisition, 3D modeling, building information modeling (BIM), and GIS. It has been recognized as an Esri partner for the past 20 years. Designed for web-based applications, alta4 offers smart city solutions. It excels in visualization and user experience, helping customers collaborate and communicate effectively. Its slogan is "We map it!"

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ARC-GREENLAB is an interdisciplinary service and software company focused on surveying, network documentation, GIS, and BIM, as well as forestry and the environment. Founded in 1992, it currently employs around 120 people at sites in Berlin, Hannover, and Eisenhüttenstadt. In addition to the development and sale of specialized information and management systems, ARC-GREENLAB offers a comprehensive range of services, such as consulting, engineering, data services, and training.

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Autodesk, GmbH

Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. Its technology spans architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media, and entertainment, empowering innovators everywhere to solve challenges big and small. From greener buildings to smarter products to mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk software enables innovators to design and make a better world for all.

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Cellular Expert

Cellular Expert (CE) specializes in the development of telecommunications planning and operational support software with ArcGIS. CE is an Esri partner and provides integration and professional services for organizations from a range of industries, including defense, telecommunications, and infrastructure. Its solutions allow signal propagation analysis in 2D and 3D environments, network coverage calculations, radiocommunication systems modeling, and management within ArcGIS.

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con terra GmbH

con terra is a member of the Esri Partner Network and GeoIT integrator bringing ArcGIS expertise and critical business solutions to customers for 30 years. con terra supports ArcGIS technology and makes targeted enhancements as required, in the form of additional products, individual solutions, and technologies. It serves customers across various industries, including utilities, telecommunications, government, and transportation.

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Eos Positioning Systems

Eos Positioning Systems is an award-winning Esri partner and the Canadian manufacturer of the Arrow Series GNSS (GPS) receivers. Arrow GNSS receivers were the first on the market to be compatible with all Esri mobile data collection apps across all mobile platforms. These receivers offer free data collection solutions for ArcGIS users, including laser offsets, underground asset mapping with utility locators, and real-time orthometric heights. Visit the Eos Positioning Systems booth during the event.

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Esri UK

Esri UK is the exclusive distributor for Esri solutions in the UK. Esri UK serves more than 2,000 customers, including water companies, electrical and gas utilities, major telecommunications operators, AEC, transportation, and a wide range of other private and public sector organizations.

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LiveEO is a top provider of earth observation technologies and solutions that revolutionize asset monitoring and improve the lives of people around the world. Its cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) unlock the full potential of satellite data to provide actionable insights for businesses, resulting in increased safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Operators of linear infrastructure use its solutions to reduce the risks of outages and disruptions and make their networks more resilient against climate change.

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Locusview, Inc.

Locusview provides a digital construction management (DCM) platform for utility capital projects, driven by real-time data. Its technology unites stakeholders and streamlines workflows throughout all stages of long-cycle work, from planning to execution and close-out. This results in high-fidelity digital twins, operational excellence, and capital expenditure optimization.

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MipMap Technologies

MipMap Technologies was founded in 1998 under the name GeoTech. Specializing in geomatics engineering and GIS, it has expanded its services to include 3D mapping, geospatial software development, and internet of things (IoT) integration. MipMap Technologies is an Esri partner with expertise in multiscale digital twin generation of cities and campuses, as well as indoor mapping services for smart buildings and facilities.

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Nexiga, GmbH

Nexiga is a top provider of location intelligence solutions and innovative geomarketing. It has been successfully supporting companies for over 40 years in the planning and evaluation of sales and service areas and locations, as well as the segmentation and profiling of customers and target groups. Nexiga offers comprehensive data for differentiated marketing and sales strategies through its multilayered data portfolio, intelligent analysis, and customized software as a service solutions.

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ROK Technologies

ROK Technologies is focused on architecting, deploying, and managing ArcGIS Enterprise software and desktop applications in cloud and hybrid environments. As an Esri partner, its Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Esri expert team bring extensive, multidisciplinary knowledge to every GIS organization it serves. With scalable, highly durable, and cost-effective technologies, ROK takes IT and ArcGIS Enterprise management off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best—GIS.

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric provides solutions for the electrical grid of the future. Its ArcFM enterprise solution is a powerful extension of the ArcGIS platform that provides mapcentric, intuitive ways to model, design, maintain, and manage facility and land-based information.

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Similix has successfully launched ArcGIS Utility Network for 2.5 million customers, including telecommunications. It has active projects across the global utility sector. Visit the Similix booth to explore its licensed software products and standardized methods for integrating Utility Network with enterprise resource planning, enterprise asset management, advanced distribution management systems, and power analytics systems. Present your most important goal or biggest challenge—Similix would love to help.

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Spatial Business Systems, LLC

Spatial Business Systems (SBS) provides proven utility distribution and substation design solutions that leverage ArcGIS and ArcGIS Utility Network. SBS solutions are integrated with asset management systems to support streamlined workflows for utilities. It has product-level spatial data integration tools based on ArcGIS Data Interoperability and FME to support integration with GE Smallworld. The SpatialBiz ArcGIS Plug-in for Utility Network automates the migration and synchronization of legacy GIS products to Utility Network.

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Tensing GIS Consultancy provides highly experienced GIS and data specialists to help you get the most out of geographic information. It offers the largest and best certified data team for utilities in Europe. Tensing leverages ArcGIS Utility Network and is recognized as an FME utility industry specialist. It brings you GIS consulting across the board—from sound advice and strategy definition to operational rollout, training, and solution maintenance.

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VertiGIS is a top GIS solution provider and software developer. Its focus is building software solutions and services that help utilities and energy, infrastructure and facility management, land management, public sector, and telecommunications customers connect their business processes to location technology. The VertiGIS product portfolio is used by thousands of customers and millions of end-users in over 50 countries and is designed to enhance the capabilities of leading mapping software, such as ArcGIS.

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Cyclomedia Technology, Inc.

Cyclomedia Technology captures real-world data and transforms it into valuable insights, enabling you to understand the complexities of the environment around you. The petabytes of data that it collects every year are applied by professional users, ranging from city governments to utility, infrastructure, and telecommunications corporations—allowing them to make decisions based on actual and accurate data.

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UDC, Inc.

UDC is a member of the Esri Partner Network. Its focus is partnering with utility and infrastructure companies to solve their business challenges. UDC provides complete project and program support and enables companies to provide safe, efficient, sustainable, and reliable services to communities, customers, and employees. UDC offers an array of GIS services, including design, consulting, solution architecture, application development, GIS implementation, and ArcGIS Utility Network migration.

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