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About Cein

Brigadier General Cein Castro Gutiérrez is a systems engineer with specializations in networks and communications, criminal investigation, project management in telecommunications engineering; among others, he graduated as Officer of the School of Police Cadets "General Francisco de Paula Santander" on December 10, 1992, being assigned to provide his services in the Telematics Group of the General Directorate. Throughout his 24 years of service, the current Head of the Telematics Office worked in the Atlantic Police Department, Metropolitan Police of Santiago de Cali, School of Police Cadets "General Francisco de Paula Santander", Internal Control Area and in the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and INTERPOL. He managed important projects such as the Automated Fingerprint Identification System - AFIS, Operating System of Reserved Expenditures - SOGAR, Complaints and Contraventions System - SIEDCO and the National Police Operating System - SIOPER; At the same time, he participated in the design and implementation of the Data Protection Center - CPD of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and INTERPOL.In the last five (05) years he worked in the Secretariat for Presidential Security, leading the technological development applied to the service of protection to people and facilities.His dedication and dedication during his institutional career have earned him 36 decorations and 121 congratulations.