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About John

John Ferdetta has served for the last seven years as the Program Manager for the Drug Enforcement Administration's GIS Portal, Geospatial Services, and Business Intelligence hosted out of the El Paso Intelligence Center where he is responsible for ensuring that the programs are operating effectively and customers are able to gain valuable use from the services provided. Mr. Ferdetta has grown the use of GIS at EPIC from providing geocoding for a single application to now providing services across multiple State and Federal agencies supporting web service ingestion, de-confliction, and advanced analysis. Mr. Ferdetta has created a geospatial environment available to all of EPIC's partners providing foundation services of World Geocoding and Basemaps. Mr. Ferdetta provides leadership and technical expertise to a variety of teams across Federal, State and Local governments. He has a deep understanding of technical problems with a vision for implementing solutions. During his time at EPIC he has delivered next generation solutions providing valuable intelligence tools to law enforcement and analysts. He obtained his Bachelors in Geography from Virginia Tech while focusing on systems integration and application development.