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About Michael

Captain Brady has served with the NYC Fire Department for the past 28 years. He was detailed to the GIS Unit as the executive Officer in 2011 where he worked alongside the commanding officer to expand the role of GIS within the FDNY, providing services to all Bureaus of the Department.    Captain Brady took over as Commanding Offer of the GIS Unit, in 2014.  During his time as head of the GIS Unit, he has expanded the staffing level of the unit to include more GIS Professional and Analytical staff, providing further analytics and spatial statistics to the Department.  Among the projects he has worked on are; an hourly response map for EMS operations, adjusting unit deployment based on response times and call volume in atoms; mobile solutions for fire operations to view the Critical Response Information Management Systems (CRIMS) map in the field on mobile devices; expansion of the Risk Based Inspection System (RBIS), to include more dynamic metrics to determine risk scores for all buildings in NYC.  He has also worked with the IMT and Department of Buildings on mobile data collection, building damage assessment, and sharing of data among agencies in near real time, for situational awareness as well as a common operating picture.  Captain Brady holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from St. John’s University.