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About Steve

For over a decade, Steve Rivero has been using his expertise in Public Safety GIS to assist Fire Service leadership "back their gut" by providing the necessary resources to make proactive, intelligent, data-driven decisions. As a firefighter with twenty-five plus years of experience at Orland Fire Protection District, Rivero recognizes and values the public's trust in its first responders, as well as appreciates the responsibility of the first responder to perform and make critical decisions for the public's safety. His belief in integrity and reputation has earned him the respect of both the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association (IFCA) and the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI) and is the exclusive provider for both their GIS analytic services. He has provided GIS services to many fire departments and districts from performance and Accreditation data analysis to staffing and consolidation analysis. He has created incident, AVL, and performance applications and dashboards; live and static.

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