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Call for Digital Maps and Apps

Contribute by sharing your work. Illustrate your most successful GIS applications for E&P, distribution, and business operations. Submitting your map to be displayed in the gallery is essential to the collaboration that is the cornerstone of this conference—helping drive development further.

Submission deadline

The deadline for submissions has passed.

An entry can be any web map or mapping application built with Esri technology. Examples include ArcGIS Online maps or applications built with ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ArcGIS API for Flex, or ArcGIS API for Silverlight. The URL for your submission must be publicly accessible. Maps will not be printed.

Here are some ideas of what we look for.

Functional maps

Maps that helped make a decision.

Maps that support situation awareness and collaboration.

Maps that helped people understand a complex topic or tell a story.

Maps that demonstrate the use of spatial analysis, modeling, and science.

Real-time maps and operational dashboards

Image usage

High-quality base maps and cartographic displays

Maps that show the use of imagery analytics

Images that depict the use of portals, web maps and apps

3D maps and visualization

Images that depict the use of portals, web maps and apps

Capture usability

Photos or screenshots of people doing their GIS.

Screenshots or illustrations of enterprise and distributed GIS architecture

Photos of GIS on mobile devices and in the field

Abstract submission guidelines

Content and formatting

TIFF, JPEG and PNG files only.

  • Screenshots—72 dpi or 96 dpi.  Set your computer display to the highest resolution.
  • Maps—300 dpi when exporting from ArcGIS.
  • Photos—300 dpi preferred

Have any questions?

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