About Bernhard

Bernhard Bukovc manages the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP), an initiative focusing on innovation and the future for the postal industry. It is an open platform inviting all postal industry stakeholders to join, contribute, create innovation, value, and solutions for the postal sector. He previously worked for the Austrian Post as Director of Regulatory Affairs and served as the Director of Inter-company Pricing and Regulation at the International Post Corporation in Brussels for over five years. He is also a consultant and the co-founder of PostalPitch, a startup initiative for the postal and logistics sector.

Bukovc is an entrepreneur, who founded and manages Vinaficio, an e-marketplace providing full logistics, payment, tax, and duty administration support for the sale of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Bernhard holds an LL.M from George Washington University and a J.D. from the University of Graz, Austria.