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Past Events

Previous speakers and events at the Redlands forum

Date Event Featured Presenter
April 9, 2019 Justice in Plain Sight Dan Bernstein
March 20, 2019 Route 66 and Camp Cajon- The Gateway to Southern California Mark Landis
March 13, 2019 Archaeology in America: Then, Now, and the Exciting Future Donn Grenda
February 28, 2019 Presidency of Abraham Lincoln Larry Burgess
February 7, 2019 Presidents Putin, Trump and the Future of US/Russian Relations Larry Caldwell
February 4, 2019 Life on Fogo Island Zita Cobb
January 22, 2019 America 2019: How to Think About the Next Stage in Politics. Economics and Culture Jim Fallows
January 9,  2019 Identifying, Prioritizing, and Connecting Green Infrastructure in Your Town and Across the U.S. Hugh Keegan
December 18, 2018 The Gift of Preservation Brett Waterman
December 5, 2018 The Power of Children's Literature: Raising Creative Thinkers and Problem-Solvers Diane Adams
November 29, 2018 Ontario International Airport- Taking Off Greg Devereaux
November 13, 2018 How Your Socks Got From the Factory to Your Dresser Drawer Mark Hirzel
November 1, 2018 From My Parents’ Garage to Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom
Garner Holt
October 18, 2018 Solo Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail Teddi Boston
October 10, 2018
Today at the University of Redlands Student Panel
September 26, 2018 The How and Wow of Elections Renee Van Vechten
September 19, 2018 Dolores Dolores Huerta
September 11, 2018 Future of Forests Rodney Furguson
August 28, 2018 Exploring the Environment of the Aesthetic Evolution Ted Wells
June 20, 2018 Finishing a New History of Redlands: Dealing with the Living and the Dead Dr. Larry Burgess
June 14, 2018 North Korea 2.0 Dr. Graeme Auton
May 24, 2018 All Aboard Redlands! Dr. Nathan Gonzales
May 2, 2018 The Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve Michael Bell
April 25, 2018 Mohonk Mountain House: 150 Years of Stewardship and Service Tom Smiley and Eric & Robyn Gullickson
April 19, 2018 The Case for Conservation Optimism Sean Gerrity
April 11, 2018 RUSD in 2025 Superintendent Arellano
March 29, 2018 The Dangers of Plastic Pollution in America Captain Charles Moore
March 7, 2018 Helmets of the Sea: Military Finds from the battle of Aegates Island Andy Goldman
February 28, 2018 Patton State Hospital- Then and Now Anthony Ortega
February 20, 2018 Everyone Loves Lincoln Nathan Gonzalez
February 7, 2018 Why Redlands 2.0-- What Can YOU Do? Panel of Redlands Non-Profit Leaders
January 30, 2018 Redlands Panel Redlands- Why We Came and Why We Stay!
January 17, 2018 Chair Woman Lynn Valbuena San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

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