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May 22A History of Redlands through Maps—Dr. Nathan Gonzales and Maria Carillo Colato

May 14Understanding Your Neighborhood—The Power of AI, Infographics, and Local Data in Improving Communities—Christopher Alvarez and Helen Thompson

April 30Representing America: An American Diplomat Speaks—Robin Quinville

April 29Challenging Circumstances in University Education—Soraya M. Coley

April 25Genetics in Hollywood: A Reflection of Real-Life Scientific, Clinical, and Ethical Challenges—Wayne W. Grody

April 10Sex Trafficking and Social Media Exploitation in the Inland Empire—Opal Singleton-Hendershot

March 26Mohonk Preserve | A Smiley Legacy Celebrating 60 Years as a Conservation Leader—Kevin Case

March 7Humans vs Asteroids: The Role of Ground-Based Radar in Planetary Defense—Dr. Marina Brozović

February 28Exploring the Form and Function of Endpapers in Picture-Books—Dr. Jonda C. McNair

February 6Tipping Points: Climate Projections & Economic Possibilities—Dr. Nicolas Reksten and Dr. Hillary Jenkins

January 31Living Life As Art—Heidi Zuckerman

January 11The Role of the University at Three Scales: City, Region, Nation—Wellington “Duke” Reiter

December 15The Power Of Geography—National Geographic CEO Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler and Esri President Jack Dangermond

December 13Holidays with the Inland Master Chorale—Joe Modica, Director and Director of the University of Redlands School of Performing Arts and Conservatory of Music

December 5Parking is Where the Action Is—Donald Shoup

November 28Break Down the Barriers and See What Is Possible: An Integrated Ecosystem of People, Infrastructure, and the Environment—Heather Dyer

November 8Space in the Cinematic Frame—Dr. Piers Britton

October 12Juicy Tidbits: The Delightful History of Food Language—Dr. Judith Tschann

September 28Policing in the 21st Century—Redlands Chief of Police Rachel Tolber and Deputy Chief Deanna Cantrell

September 12The Lasting Legacy of the California Wine Industry—Brett Waterman

May 25Faithfully & Liberally Sustained: 125 Years of the Gift of Smiley Library—Dr. Nathan Gonzales

May 1Redlands Bowl at 100: Preserving the Past, Preparing for the Future—Beverly Noerr

April 18Right in Our Own Backyard: Celebrating Two Canyons—Pete Dangermond, H. Vincent Moses, and Kathy Behrens

April 4Art Can Kill; The Art World’s Crooks, Clowns & Connoisseurs —Byran Cooke

March 15Planet Nine from Outer Space—Dr. Konstantin Batygin

March 1Hope and Courage from the Frontlines of Ukraine—Dr. Yury Bondarenko

February 23Blackbox: An Epic Story Told with Poetry and Magic— Rickerby Hinds

February 15Change is in the Air—Jim Fallows

February 1Libraries and Society: A Conversation with the Librarian of Congress—Dr. Carla Hayden

January 25Exploring a GIS for the Ocean—Dr. Richard Spinrad

January 10Magnificent Rebels—Andrea Wulf

December 14, 2022Holidays with the Inland Master Chorale—Joe Modica, Director and Director of the University of Redlands School of Performing Arts and Conservatory of Music

November 30, 2022Moving from Climate. Science to Climate Resilience Planning—Sean Breyer, ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World Program Manager, Esri

November 15, 2022Meeting the Challenges of Challenger Deep—Dawn Wright, PhD, Geographer, Oceanographer and Esri Chief Scientist

October 25, 2022RUSD: Moving Student Forward in Pursuit of Academic Excellence—Mauricio Arellano, Superintendent, Redlands Unified School District

October 13, 2022Mohonk at 153 Years and the Redlands Relationship—Eric Gullickson, President, Mohonk Mountain House, and Larry Burgess, PhD, Director Emeritus of A. K. Smiley Public Library, Smiley Family Historian and Author

September 29, 2022Jefferson Education Society: A Case Study on How a Community Think Tank Is Transforming a Civic Desert—Ferki Ferati, EdD, President, Jefferson Educational Society

September 14, 2022Increasing Hope, Igniting Imagination, and Inspiring Creativity for Our Community's Young: Garner Holt's Animatronics and Educational Initiatives—Garner Holt, Founder and President, Garner Holt Productions, Inc., and Ryan Rainbolt, President, Garner Holt Education Through Imagination and Garner Holt Foundation

May 26, 2021Smiley Heritage Tour—Serena Davis, Tish Sandos, Jamie Cortz, Olivia Davison, Jennifer Hunt

May 12, 2021Uncovering the Diverse Communities of Redlands—Sherli Leonard, Dr. Nathan Gonzales, Ron Running, Dr. Donn Grenda

April 29, 2021Ventura Botanical Gardens, a Garden for the 21st Century—Dr. Joseph Cahill

April 22, 2021Picture This: A 27-Year Wildflower Journey—Rob Badger, Nita Winter

April 13, 2021The Four Pillars of Health: Leveraging Secrets of the Worlds Centenarians to Promote Health, Happiness, and Longevity—Dr. Wayne Dysinger

March 24, 2021Overcoming Change and Challenges: How the Ontario International Airport Became a First-Rate Aviation Gateway—Atif Elkadi

March 9, 2021Australia Best-Selling Children's Author Reveals the "Magic" of Reading to Children—Mem Fox

February 25, 2021Scaling Mount Everest: Climbing, Mapping, and Impacting the Future—Alex Tait

February 16, 2021Special Presentation with Dr. Larry Burgess

January 21, 2021Celebrating Language with a New Museum Experience—Ann Friedman

January 13, 2021Redlands and Beyond—Bruce Herwig

December 17, 2020Celebrate the Season with Holiday Songs and Storytelling—Distinguished Guest Speakers and Performers

November 23, 2020What 26 Years of Trust Building in Rwanda Can Teach Us—Carl Wilkens

November 10, 2020Reimagining the Role of the Police during Times of Change—Chris Catren

October 14, 2020Where We Stand: A Journalist Who Has Covered Presidents for Nixon Onward, on the State of the Nation—James Fallows

September 30, 2020The Nature of Nature: Why We Need the Wild—Enric Sala

September 17, 2020Resilience in the Age of COVID-19: Esri's Response—Jack Dangermond, Este Geraghty

March 3, 2020Faith-Based Conservation: An Emerging Environmental Movement—Molly Burhans

February 18, 2020World-Renowned Expert in Economics and Sustainable Development—Jeffrey Sachs

February 10, 2020Winemaker: From Pangaea to Pasteur—Wes Hagen

January 29, 2020An Interview by Jack Dangermond and Larry Burgess—Charlie Munger

January 28, 2020Living in Zero Gravity—Steve Cunningham

January 16, 2020An Unsung Hero—Peter Kaufman

December 18, 2019Holiday Concert—Rhymes with Orange

November 20, 2019The Power of Love—Fran Grace

November 7, 2019The Chicago Colony in Redlands as Seen through a Chicago Lens—Kim Coventry

November 4, 2019No Blue, No Green—Sylvia Earle

October 23, 2019GIS Search & Rescue—Paul Dougherty

October 8, 2019Finish Strong: Choices as Life Ends—Samantha Trad

September 26, 2019Location, Location . . . How Geography Has Influenced the Rise of Civilization—Jared Diamond

September 25, 2019The Future of the Living World—Peter Raven

September 11, 2019The A. K. Smiley Public Library at 125! —Don McCue, Larry Burgess, Nathan Gonzales, and Bill Hatfield

September 4, 2019The New Age of Enlightenment—Mike Wing

August 29, 2019RUSD 2025—Excellence for All Students: A Multiyear, Progressive Vision for Learning!—Mauricio Arellano

May 28, 2019Water in a Thirsty Land!—Nathan Gonzales

May 22, 2019An American Eden at the Heart of New York City: Using Historical Maps and Game Engine Software to Visualize the Past—Victoria Johnson

May 8, 2019The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt: A Graphic Novel—Andrea Wulf

May 2, 2019The Jack & Laura Dangermond Preserve—Michael Bell

April 25, 2019California's Coast: Living on the Edge—Kim Steinhardt

April 9, 2019Justice in Plain Sight—Dan Bernstein

March 20, 2019Route 66 and Camp Cajon: The Gateway to Southern California—Mark Landis

March 13, 2019Archaeology in America: Then, Now, and the Exciting Future—Donn Grenda

February 28, 2019Presidency of Abraham Lincoln—Larry Burgess

February 7, 2019Presidents Putin, Trump, and the Future of US/Russian Relations—Larry Caldwell

December 18, 2018The Gift of Preservation—Brett Waterman

December 5, 2018The Power of Children's Literature: Raising Creative Thinkers and Problem-Solvers—Diane Adams

November 29, 2018Ontario International Airport: Taking Off—Greg Devereaux

November 13, 2018How Your Socks Got from the Factory to Your Dresser Drawer—Mark Hirzel

November 1, 2018From My Parents' Garage to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom—Garner Holt

October 18, 2018Solo Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail—Teddi Boston

October 10, 2018Today at the University of Redlands—Student Panel

September 26, 2018The How and Wow of Elections—Renee Van Vechten

September 19, 2018Dolores—Dolores Huerta

September 11, 2018Future of Forests—Rodney Furguson

August 28, 2018Exploring the Environment of the Aesthetic Evolution—Ted Wells

June 20, 2018Finishing a New History of Redlands: Dealing with the Living and the Dead—Dr. Larry Burgess

June 14, 2018North Korea 2.0—Dr. Graeme Auton

May 24, 2018All Aboard Redlands!—Dr. Nathan Gonzales

May 2, 2018The Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve—Michael Bell

April 25, 2018Mohonk Mountain House: 150 Years of Stewardship and Service—Tom Smiley, Eric Gullickson, and Robyn Gullickson

April 19, 2018The Case for Conservation Optimism—Sean Gerrity

April 11, 2018RUSD in 2025—Superintendent Mauricio Arellano

March 29, 2018The Dangers of Plastic Pollution in America—Captain Charles Moore

March 7, 2018Helmets of the Sea: Military Finds from the Battle of Aegates Island—Andy Goldman

February 28, 2018Patton State Hospital: Then and Now—Anthony Ortega

February 20, 2018Everyone Loves Lincoln—Nathan Gonzalez

February 7, 2018Why Redlands 2.0—What Can YOU Do?—Panel of Redlands Nonprofit Leaders

January 30, 2018Redlands: Why We Came and Why We Stay!—Redlands Panel

January 17, 2018—Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

December 13, 2017Inland Music Master Chorale—What Sweeter Music

November 28, 2017Raising Responsible Readers: Inspiring Children to Change the World—Janet Wong

November 15, 2017Business Liberal Arts for the 21st Century—Dr. Thomas Horan

November 8, 2017Black Nightingales: Lady Day, Ella, and Sassy—Dr. Paul Burgett

October 24, 2017Learn How to Fight Back against Fake Data and Visualization—Alberto Cairo

September 27, 2017Go Inside the GIS Technology Driving UPS's Delivery Optimization Systems—Jack Levis

September 21, 2017You're More Powerful than You Think—Eric Liu

June 15, 2017Behind the Scenes at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens—Daniel Lewis, PhD

May 24, 2017The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America's Wilderness Trail—Barney Scout Mann

May 17, 2017Designing a City with a Perpetual Aesthetic Uplift: Redlands' Arts and Crafts Period Architecture—Lauren Weiss Bricker, PhD

May 5, 2017Redlands in WWI—Ann Deegan, Don McCue, Nathan Gonzales, and Maria Carillo Colato

April 18, 2017Facebook: Why Wall Street Was Wrong and the Press Didn't Get It—Jonathan Murtaugh

April 6, 2017Big Brother Hamlet—Chris Beach, Theatre Professor, University of Redlands

March 22, 2017Addressing the Expression and Experience of Racism in America—Dr. Kendrick Brown

March 8, 2017Cyber Power: The Dichotomy of Cyberspace and National Security—LTC Billy E. Pope Jr., USAF

February 23, 2017Observing Earth: Views from the Space Shuttle to Capitol Hill—Dr. Kathy Sullivan

February 8, 2017Watching Mary Pickford: Her Life and Work in Early Hollywood—Kathy Feeley

February 2, 2017How China's Economy Really Works—Minxin Pei

January 4, 2017Meet the Youngblood Creatives—Redlands' Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

December 12, 2016Holiday Program—University of Redlands' Top Brass

November 17, 2016Giving Back to Those in Need—Redlands Gives

October 27, 2016Let's Taco 'Bout It—Mexican Food's Extraordinary Powers—Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly Publisher and Editor

October 19, 2016Everything You Want to Know about the Museum of Redlands—The MOR

September 29, 2016Drought, Water, Climate, Oh My!—The Future in Southern California—Hillary Jenkins, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Redlands

September 12, 2016Journey into the Hundred Acre Wood—Kathryn Aalto, Landscape Designer, Historian, Lecturer and Nonfiction Writer

September 1, 2016National Parks 2.0—Steve Shackelton, Former Chief Ranger of the National Park Service

June 8, 2016Prescribing Hope—Jeffrey Rosenfel, PhD, MD, FAAN, FANA

May 18, 2016Phil's Camino—Annie O'Neil, Author and Filmmaker

May 11, 2016Redlands in the Mid-Century: Postwar Optimism, Community, and Architecture—Nathan Gonzales, Archivist & Curator, A. K. Smiley Library and Lincoln Shrine

April 27, 2016Exploring San Bernardino County's Birds with Sandy Koonce—Sandy Koonce, University of Redlands Professor

April 4, 2016The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World—Andrea Wulf, Author

March 30, 2016Spy Style: Alfred Hitchcock, James Bond, and the Well-Dressed Secret Agent—Dr. Piers Britton, Director of Visual and Media Studies, University of Redlands

February 16, 2016Mapping American HistoryEdward L. Ayers, Civil War Historian

February 11, 2016Kevin Eubanks: Guitarist, Composer, Lover of Nature—Kevin Eubanks, 15-Year Musical Director for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

January 28, 2016American Futures 2016: The People, Organizations, and Ideas Reshaping the Country—James and Deborah Fallows, The Atlantic

January 7, 2016Policing in America: From Routine to a Local Response to Terrorism—Jim Bueermann, President of the Police Foundation; Jarrod Burguan, Chief of Police of San Bernardino Police Department; Moderator: Evan Sanford, University of Redlands Student and Campus Radio Station Manager

December 15, 2015Redlands Symphony: Mozart Clarinet Quintet, K. 581, and Holiday Music—Redlands Symphony Musicians: Kathryn Nevin, Cheryl Ongaro, Art Svenson, Kira Blumberg, and Kyle Champion

November 16, 2015Should We Be Watching Whales?: Investigation of Human Impacts on Marine Mammals Off Southern California—Dr. Lei Lani Stelle, University of Redlands Associate Professor

November 12, 2015Mt. Kilimanjaro: From Redlands to the Roof of the World—Dr. Kim Clark, Dr. Patrick Hoag, and Dave Maupin, Redlands Residents

October 29, 2015Old Elm Speaks, A Child Listens—Kristine O'Connell George, Poet and Children's Author

October 13, 2015My Thirty-Three Years on the Podium—Maestro Jon Robertson

September 30, 2015The Water Question—Celeste Cantu, General Manager of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

September 16, 2015It All Started with a Mouse, 60 Years Ago!—Marilyn Magness, Executive Director of Creative Entertainment for Disney Parks and Resorts

May 27, 2015Creatures of the Deep and "Treasure Maps" of the Ocean Floor—Dr. Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, Esri

May 5, 2015Priorities, Policies and Politics—Governor Martin O'Malley in Conversation with James Fallows

April 22, 20151865: Triumph and Tragedy—Don McCue, Director of the A. K. Smiley Library

April 2, 2015The Hidden Story of the Next America (and what it means for Redlands)—James and Deborah Fallows, Correspondents for The Atlantic

March 18, 2015The Amazon Rainforest: Can It Be Saved?—Bruce Babbitt, Former Secretary of the Interior

March 11, 2015The Story of Arrowhead Springs—Mark Landis, Historian and Author of Arrowhead Springs, California's Ideal Resort

February 18, 2015The Future of the Past: Historic Preservation in the 21st Century—Stephanie Meeks, President and CEO, National Trust for Historic Preservation

February 4, 2015The Ebola Mapping Story—Dr. Este Geraghty, Esri's Chief Medical Officer; Dr. Richard Hart, Loma Linda University President; and Dr. Ingrid Blomquist of Loma Linda University Medical Center

January 26, 2015Is America a Chickenhawk Nation?—James Fallows, National Correspondent for The Atlantic

January 13, 2015Spanish Music in California's Missions: Little Known, Unexpected, and Unforgettable—University of Redlands Historian Dr. James Sandos and Independent Scholar Tish Sandos

December 15, 2014Longing to Be Up North: Christmas Carols and the American Imagination—Katherine Baber, University of Redlands, Musicologist and Assistant Professor of Music History

December 3, 2014Can We Talk? Gossip in American History and Life—Dr. Kathy Feeley, University of Redlands, Professor and Author

November 18, 2014The Author Behind the Story: In the Forest of Raised Hands—Eugene Yelchin, Artist and Author

November 4, 2014Inside the Yellow Border: National Geographic's Enduring Brand of Storytelling—Gary E. Knell, President and CEO, National Geographic

October 30, 2014The Impact of Technology on Learning and the Brain—Gary Small, M.D., University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

September 24, 2014Get in a Maryland State of Mind—Maryland State Governor Martin O'Malley

September 24, 2014Humanitarian Innovations: The Story of the Evolution of InStove—Tom Tomlinson and Fred Colgan

September 11, 2014And the Rocket's Red Glare . . . Redlands and Fireworks—Jeff Martin, Director of Sales, Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, and William McCalmon, Chairman of the Redlands Fourth of July Celebration

May 28, 2014Weaving the Fabric of Fantasy: Costume Design for Doctor Who—June Hudson, Costume Designer for BBC Programs

May 23, 2014Refugee Protection in a Chaotic World: Challenges and Prospects—T. Alexander Aleinikoff, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees

May 13, 2014The State of American Literacy—Dr. Scott Stevens, University of Redlands John and Linda Seiter Endowed Director of Writing

April 29 and 30, 2014The Tramp and the Roughrider II: An Evening in Bridalveil Meadow—Lee Stetson as John Muir; Alan Sutterfield as President Roosevelt

April 22, 2014Kimberly Crest: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow—Tom Sutter

April 11, 2014Wild & Scenic Film Festival—Esri and Town & Gown

March 27, 2014Painting the Southwest—Dennis Ziemenski

February 18, 2014The Future of Public Transit—Scott F. Belcher, President and CEO, Intelligent Transportation Society of America

February 4, 2014This Mighty Scourge of War: Abraham Lincoln and the Events of 1864—Don McCue, Director of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine

January 27, 2014Population Health and Personal Health: What's the Difference?—Bill Davenhall, Esri Senior Health Adviser

December 19, 2013Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory—Chris Beach and Sally Norton

December 9, 2013Redlands: A Celebration of 125 Years, 1888–2013—Hosted and Narrated by Larry E. Burgess

November 7, 2013Living Interdependence: The Ethical Vision of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa for a Global Community—Dr. Karen Derris, Professor of Religious Studies at University of Redlands

October 23, 2013Creative Writing 101—Mike Graf, Author

October 15, 2013Girl Rising Comes to Redlands

September 26, 2013Unraveling Magic: Hear the History of Your Favorite Tricks—Mike Caveney, Professional Magician

September 11, 2013Through the Eyes of an Artist: Visions of Southern California in Sketches and Paintings—Joseph Stoddard, Artist

June 5, 2013Reinventing Audubon: How an Iconic American Nonprofit Put Technology and Grassroots at the Heart of Its Turnaround—David Yarnold, National Audubon Society President

May 16, 2013What Makes a Building Green?—Eric Shamp, Architect

May 10, 2013A Musical Evening with Squeakin' Wheels

April 30, 2013Visions for Redlands—A Panel Discussion with Esri President Jack Dangermond and Local Community Leaders

April 26, 2013Wild & Scenic Film Festival—Esri and Town & Gown

April 25, 2013Making Sense of Senseless News—James Fallows, The Atlantic National Correspondent

April 9, 2013How Geointel Aids Foreign Policy—Lee Schwartz

April 8, 2013Happiness—Dr. Fran Grace, University of Redlands

February 28, 2013Surgery: Past, Present, and Future—Dr. Alan Malki

February 5, 2013Director of the Lincoln Memorial ShrineDon McCue 

January 28, 2013Igniting a Passion for Reading—Steven Layne, Author and Speaker

December 20 and 21, 2012Reader's Theater Holiday Performance—Performed by Chris Beach, Sally Norton, Wendy Hunt, and Matt Coleman

December 12, 2012Spielberg's Lincoln: Comments and Observations from the Historians at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine—Larry Burgess, Director of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, California; Don McCue, Curator of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine; and Nathan Gonzales, Associate Curator

November 27, 2012A Key to a Healthy Community: Medical Residency Programs—Dr. H. Roger Hadley, Professor of Surgery at Loma Linda University

November 13, 2012Every Map Tells a Story: How GIS Brings Maps to Life—Allen Carroll

October 25, 2012NASA/JPL on Mars Curiosity—Dr. Art Thompson and Dr. Fred Calef

October 10, 2012Inner City to the Outdoors: Connecting People to Amazing Wild Places—Charles H. Thomas, Regional Manager, Pacific West Region Youth Programs for the National Park Service

September 12, 2012Between the Tides: The Legacy of Pioneering Marine Ecologist Ed Ricketts

September 5, 2012Curiosity: The Drive for Mars—Tyler Nordgren

May 30, 2012Searching for Sustainability in the City of Redlands, California—Monty Hempel, Professor of Environmental Studies and Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at the University of Redlands

April 27, 2012Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Where Activism Gets Inspired

April 5 and 6, 2012The Tramp and the Roughrider—Lee Stetson as John Muir; Alan Sutterfield as President Roosevelt

March 1, 2012Going with the Flow: A Rivercentric View of Our Changing Planet—Max Holmes, and Max Holmes, Senior Scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center

February 2, 2012Understanding the Civil War: 1862 and the Book of Murder—Larry Burgess, Director of A. K. Smiley Public Library

January 17, 2012Finding the Right Balance: Preserving Culture while Transforming Society—Dr. Jeffrey H. Altschul

January 12, 2012Saving Life, Saving Ourselves—Peter H. Raven, President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden

December 8 and 9, 2011Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory

November 28, 2011Redlands' Emerald Necklace, One Jewel at a Time

November 7, 2011Women, Population, and the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals—Jane Roberts

October 26, 2011Understanding Preservation Issues across the Country and Here at Home—Milford Wayne Donaldson, FAIA, Chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

September 29, 2011Building Community: For Democracy, Well-Being, and Happiness—Ralph Nader

September 16, 2011Technology and Training Visionary Shares Success Story—Rajendra S. Pawar, Chairman and Cofounder of the NIIT Group

May 23, 2011Healthcare Reform: How It Will Affect You—C. Duane Dauner, President of the California Hospital Association

April 23, 2011KIDS' DAY: Wild & Scenic Film Festival

April 22, 2011Wild & Scenic Film Festival

April 12, 2011National Park Miniseries—Dayton Duncan, Author and Filmmaker

April 7, 2011Jazz; Its History and the Beat!—Dan Murphy, Professor, University of Redlands School of Music, and Student Jazz Ensemble Players

March 15, 2011Insights for Innovation: How Design Can Lead Transformation—Darrel Rhea, CEO of Cheskin Added Value

February 21, 2011Gombe and Beyond; The Next 50 Years—Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace

February 16, 2011Experience "The Spirit of John Muir"—Lee Stetson, Actor and Yosemite Performer

January 11, 2011The Future of Your Grocery—Jack Brown, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Stater Bros. Supermarkets

December 16 and 17, 2010Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory

November 17, 2010Building a Vision for Redlands—A Panel Discussion with Esri President Jack Dangermond and Local Community Leaders

October 15, 2010How Online and Mobile Technologies Are Upending the Media Again—Rich Jaroslovsky, Technology and Digital Media Columnist, Bloomberg News

October 11, 2010The Path to Sustainable Conservation—Peter Seligmann, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Conservation International

September 30, 2010Let's Talk about Food: A Three-Course Conversation—Helene York, Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation

September 15, 2010Hangar 24 Craft Brewery Taps into Startup Success—Ben Cook, Business Owner and Master Brewer

June 16, 2010Redlands Emerald Necklace, Save the Redwoods League, and The Save State Parks Initiative—Pete Dangermond, President of The Dangermond Group and the Save the Redwoods League

May 19, 2010Woods Hole Environmental Research Center—Dr. William Brown, President and CEO of Woods Hole

May 12, 2010An Uncivil Conversation: Editorial Cartooning in the Age of Gridlock—Ed Stein, Syndicated Political Cartoonist

April 16, 2010Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival: Short Films Explore Environmental Issues

April 8, 2010Bringing Property Rights to the Poor—Hernando de Soto, President of Peru's Institute for Liberty and Democracy

March 16, 2010From Page to Stage: Theater and Opera—Doris Baizley, Lossett Visiting Professor/Playwright in Residence, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Redlands; and Marco Schindelmann, Artist Professor of Voice and Director of the University Opera, University of Redlands

February 21, 2010Is America "Going to Hell"?—James Fallows, National Correspondent for The Atlantic

February 8, 2010Saving the Rainforest: Guyana's Innovative Strategy—Robert M. Persaud, Minister of Agriculture, Guyana

January 13, 2010Stars Above, Earth Below—Tyler Nordgren, Astronomer and Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Redlands

December 13, 2009Christmas Celebrations, California Style—Dr. Larry Burgess, Historian and Director of the A. K. Smiley Public Library

December 9, 2009Transparency in Stimulus Bill Spending—Earl E. Devaney, Chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board

November 23, 2009The Environmental Health of Our Oceans—Charles Moore, Founder and Chief Research Coordinator of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation

October 30, 2009—Bob Kerrey, President of The New School and former US Senator

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