About Mansour

With over 30 years of experience in the IT and GIS industry, Mansour Raad is a Chief Technologist and Lead Subject Matter Expert on Advanced Spatial Analytics using Machine Learning and BigData at Esri. At Esri, Mansour has served as a team lead in architecting and implementing product solutions for Esri, such as ArcIMS, ArcWeb, ArcGIS for Flex, and currently GeoAnalytics and GeoAI solutions. He is also a regular presenter during plenary sessions at various Esri conferences.

In his role, he assists commercial and government customers in implementing Big Data and Machine Learning geospatial solutions, by leveraging state-of-the-art techniques for automatic digitization of vector data and object recognition in raster data for further spatial statistical analysis and visualization. 

Mansour holds a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and frequently blogs on Big Data and AI topics and shares innovative examples of geospatial implementations at http://thunderheadxpler.blogspot.com

Mansour owns the exclusive right to U.S. patents 7,962,624 and 7,080,120 (Title: "System and method for collaborative processing of distributed applications").

In addition to working at Esri, he also serves as an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, where he teaches online advanced placement courses on "BigData Analysis Tools and Techniques" and "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Geospatial Technology."

Before joining Esri, he designed and implemented an airport noise and operations monitoring system used in over 30 airports worldwide and collaborated with the US Navy to develop digital signal processing techniques that lead to improvements in preventive maintenance for helicopter gearboxes. 

When not physically on the Esri campus (or road biking), you find him speaking at several domestic and international organizations and conferences regarding GIS, BigData, and AI/ML.

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