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Spatial BI Water Forum

February 13—15, 2017 | White House, TN

About the Spatial BI Water Forum

The purpose of the forum was to evaluate various business needs and discover how Esri’s powerful new BI technology Insights for ArcGIS could be applied to help analyze them. Five water utilities from around the country—a mix of big and small, public and private—came together to discuss issues such as management of infrastructure, system operations, cost recovery and control, emergency response, and water supply.

Explore the links below to learn how the forum participants used the Insights and applied it to their own business challenges. Forum participants found the following benefits from using Insights for ArcGIS; easy to use, faster analysis, and new discoveries with powerful data exploration.

The results of their data exploration are now available for you to view on this page, as well as some helpful links. Explore the new spatial analytics.

See what you can do

  • Visualize Hot Spots

  • Power of Visualization

  • Find Outliers in Your Data

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Discover Patterns and Trends

  • Demographic Enrichment


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