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Esri Services appointment types

Get expert advice and feedback on your enterprise GIS architecture, including best practices. Leave with recommendations for meeting architecture needs.

An Esri solutions architect will work with you to perform a high-level review of your current architecture, then provide recommendations to better meet current and future requirements.

A key element to maximize the impact of GIS for your organization is developing and executing a geospatial strategy. Do you understand your organization's business challenges? Do you know how GIS, mapping, and location intelligence can support those challenges? Meet with Esri experts to review where you are today and how GIS can help your organization meet its goals by developing and executing a geospatial strategy.

Experts will review current geospatial strategy in the context of people, processes, and technology by

  • Discussing business challenges, criteria for success, and future goals.
  • Discussing the as is state of your GIS program.
  • Performing a high-level review of the as is state of GIS technology and inventory (business, data, applications, infrastructure, and people).

Meet with an expert to determine the approach that will best fit your application needs and operational objectives. This consultation will evaluate which blend of off-the-shelf, extended, and/or customized components will work best.

Potential takeaways include

  • Creating a high-level plan for solving your problems with ArcGIS technology.
  • Learning how standard and custom components can complement each other to solve your real-world problems.
  • Determining whether your solution can be implemented with out-of-the-box software or if it requires customization.

Meet with an Esri expert to discuss how to standardize and automate repeatable GIS business processes to achieve consistency and efficiency.

Industry workflow examples include the following:

  • Management of versioned data editing in ArcGIS Utility Network, ArcGIS Parcel Fabric, or linear referencing.
  • Digital data submission
  • Field inspections or audits
  • Address management
  • Infrastructure planning and design
  • Field data collection

If your organization is introducing new workflows or planning a key GIS initiative, Esri's people-focused change management can help you achieve the adoption needed for maximum impact. Meet with a change management consultant to discuss options to deploy an adoption strategy that builds a strong foundation for sustained organizational change and innovation with ArcGIS.

ArcGIS capabilities are advancing quickly. Do you have workforce skills in place to effectively leverage the technology? Meet with an Esri training consultant to analyze how current workforce roles align with your organization's mission and GIS-supported business goals. Start creating an actionable plan to ensure teams are prepared to deliver the results you need.

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