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Is your data healthy?

A Data Health Check is a free, 45-minute service provided by an Esri expert, who will review and analyze your GIS data, focusing on features and attributes. Bring a sample of your data in a file or a personal geodatabase and take advantage of this opportunity.

Data Health Checks provide insight into the types of errors that exist and a percent accuracy of your data's quality. This is an opportunity to see how clean your GIS is.
Expert data review and reporting
Esri staff will run automated checks on your data and review key data concerns. A separate geodatabase with the error features and an Excel report will be provided to you.
Who should sign up?
Customers with water/wastewater/storm water, land records, addressing, electric, gas, linear-referenced pipelines, linear-referenced roads and highways, and indoors datasets can sign up.
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Other ways to get your work reviewed

Get valuable input and feedback, technical support, and hands-on learning.