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Annual updates and insights from Esri experts

Each year, we create the Esri User Conference (Esri UC) Q&A from our users' feedback and questions. Esri leadership and subject matter experts work together to answer a series of questions asked by our community. These experts share their vision for the GIS industry and provide the latest advancements in Esri technology.

Frequently asked questions about the Esri Q&A

When will the 2021 Esri UC Q&A be released?

The 2021 Esri UC Q&A will be released in late June.

How does Esri collect users' feedback and questions for the Esri UC Q&A?

The Esri UC Q&A content is based on the responses to the Esri UC Survey sent out to conference registrants.

When can I take the Esri UC Survey?

The Esri UC Survey will be sent to conference registrants in April.

How will the survey be sent?

Everyone who registers for the 2021 Esri UC will receive an email inviting them to fill out the Esri UC Survey. We look forward to your feedback.

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