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White House Utility District Site Tour

Date: September 10, 2019
Time: 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Location: 3303 Highway 31W, White House, TN 37188
Cost: $30.00
Max Capacity: 20 participants

WHUD tour information

The White House Utility District (WHUD) invites Esri Water GIS Conference guests to go inside the GIS-centric, smart utility district. During the in-depth tour, WHUD will explain and illustrate why the district repositioned its operations around GIS and outline the steps it took to become GIS-centric. It will also take visitors on a tour around the district to see GIS in action—from water production and distribution to employee empowerment and productivity. Participants will divide into two tracks: 

Administrative Track
This track, which is more geared toward administrative/support roles, will give guests a 20,000-foot view of the GIS-centric utility operations; show how it's using GIS to drive engineering principles and workflows; and draw attention to other, nontraditional uses of GIS such as internal and external communications. 

Office-to-Field Track
This track is geared toward customer service, field crews, meter teams, water quality experts, and other more operational positions. It will provide the same 20,000-foot view but will delve deeper into how the district utilizes GIS in daily operations, from asset management and water loss programs to customer service and routing.

About WHUD

Geographically the largest water and sewer utility in Tennessee, WHUD provides high-quality, reliable water to more than 100,000 people throughout Robertson and Sumner Counties and northern parts of Davidson County and wastewater services to approximately 10,000 people. The district also provides water to Simpson County, Kentucky.

In 2012, the district formed a unique partnership with Esri, a global leader in geographic information system technology, and became one of the first utilities in the country to reposition its operations around GIS and big data. As a result, WHUD has earned international recognition for its innovative approach to water production and delivery, customer service, leak detection, and wastewater management.

Omohundro Water Treatment Plant Tour

by Metro Water Services

Date: September 10, 2019
Time: 9:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m.
Location: 1400 Pumping Station Road, Nashville, TN 37208
Cost: $30.00
Max Capacity: 30 participants

About Metro Water Services

The mission of Metro Water Services is to supply, treat, manage, and protect our water resources in a sustainable manner for the benefit of all who live, work, and play in our community.

Metro Water Services is a department of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County that provides service to more than 190,000 water accounts and more than 200,000 sewer accounts. Our department supplies drinking water to customers in Davidson County as well as portions of Rutherford and Williamson Counties.

Metro Water Services manages and maintains two water treatment plants: the K. R. Harrington and the Omohundro Water Treatment Plants, with a combined capacity of 180 million gallons of water per day. Drinking water is conveyed by a distribution system consisting of more than 3,000 miles of water main, with our largest pipe being five feet in diameter.

Wastewater is treated by one of three wastewater treatment plants: Central, Dry Creek, and Whites Creek, with a rated capacity of 186 million gallons per day and the ability to treat as much as 500 million gallons of wastewater per day during extreme rainfall events. These facilities serve customers in Davidson County and portions of Sumner, Robertson, Wilson, Rutherford, and Williamson Counties. Our wastewater collection system has more than 3,000 miles of piping, the largest of which is 16 feet in diameter.

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