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The Esri Partner Network (EPN) is a global ecosystem of partners that deliver content, solutions, and services to help customers realize the benefits of GIS software and location intelligence (LI). Esri partners are at the forefront of innovation, embracing the latest technology. Begin or grow your Esri ArcGIS practice by joining the global EPN community. Your partnership journey typically starts as a Startup or Bronze partner, depending on your experience and company profile. There has never been a better time to partner with Esri.

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Why you should partner with Esri

Benefit from Esri’s experience

For over 50 years, Esri has been forward-thinking and leading the market with innovative technology to solve spatial business problems. Esri partners have benefited from that leadership with compelling GIS and location intelligence technology and brand awareness, providing advantages in the market.

Differentiate your business

The content, solutions, and services you provide using the ArcGIS system set you apart as you capitalize on Esri's leading-edge technologies. Build something incredible with ArcGIS. Reinforce your expertise by earning an Esri partner specialization in specific Esri products, solutions, or industries.

Focused on customer success

Esri and our partners support the ArcGIS products and solutions that lead to customer success. We are committed to serving and understanding users' challenges and working together to solve business problems.

Choose from a broad range of programs

We provide partner program options designed to meet unique business needs and ensure partner attainability. Programs are created with flexibility, simplicity, and short- and long-term partner success in mind.

Key program benefits

The EPN programs provide onboarding and ongoing business, sales, marketing, and technical support

Business support and networking

We provide guidance and assets from industry, sales, and technology leaders along with networking opportunities to the world's largest GIS user base.

Software licenses and technical support

Get access to early adopter programs, demo and marketing licenses, training, certifications, and technical support.

Dynamic partner community

Collaborate with others who are also innovating, achieving their goals, enthusiastic, and motivated to grow their business.

EPN Benefits Summary

Explore Esri Partner Network benefits to find the option that fits your business needs. For a more detailed description of each benefit, go to the FAQ.

EPN Benefits Summary

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Frequently asked questions

The Esri Partner Network (EPN) is a rich ecosystem of organizations that work together to amplify The Science of Where. Partners deliver solutions, content, and services using Esri location intelligence technology. The EPN consists of a variety of program levels that allow companies to match their Esri technology-related strategies and investment with the appropriate benefits to drive success as an Esri partner.

Esri is looking for qualified organizations from around the world to join the EPN. These include thousands of global partners that provide content, solutions, and services based on ArcGIS technology.

Your journey within the EPN typically begins with the Startup or Bronze program. Silver, Gold, and Platinum programs require further evaluation and referral. You will find additional information in the Esri Partner Network Policies. *

*Please note that this policy document has links that are only available to approved partners via the Esri Partner Community.

The basic requirements for all programs include being a valid business with a website; having a physical address where you operate; supporting the community of Esri technology users at large; and demonstrating a commitment to help further, develop, and support Esri ArcGIS software. Each program may have supplemental policies and software packages depending on what program prospective partners qualify for.

The entry-level EPN programs are designed for the following:

  • Startup: This program is for early-stage startups that are migrating or building ArcGIS mapping and location intelligence into their software product, hosted solution, or content offering. Companies considering the Startup program must have been in business for no more than five years and generate less than US$2 million annually. Services consulting companies are not eligible. Esri seeks startups who will grow into the next generation of Esri partners. The program selects technology-focused startups based on their ability to articulate their product idea and product-market fit with a capable team.
  • Bronze: This program is for companies that offer solutions, services, or content and are seeking an entry point to the Esri partnership to align with Esri technology and develop a plan for going to market with Esri. The Bronze program is a low-touch, low-cost starting point, and successful Bronze partners are typically invited to become Silver partners.
  • Silver: This program is for companies that have an existing Esri business and a market focus that is aligned with Esri, with a defined go-to-market strategy for Esri technology-based solutions, services, or content offerings. To be eligible for the Silver program, a company may be a new partner referred by an Esri business team or an existing partner in good standing in the Esri Partner Network.

For additional questions on entry-level EPN programs or to discuss advanced programs, contact us at

Each EPN program has specific annual fees and benefits. Companies are responsible for fees incurred prior to acceptance, along with additional software purchases or credits used outside provided benefits. For all programs, there is an annual contract review and renewal process.

For entry-level programs, the annual fees are as follows: Startup—no cost, Bronze—US$1,000, and Silver—US$5,000.

Additional details can be found in the Esri Partner Network Policies. *

*Please note that this policy document has links that are only available to approved partners via the Esri Partner Community.

All programs have an array of business, sales, marketing, and technology benefits. More benefits become available as companies progress through their partner journey and advance within the various EPN programs.

Highlighted benefits include the following: *

  • Partner Managers and Technical Advisors: Dedicated Esri partner manager support and technical advisors offering guidance for planning, architecture, and design and overall GIS technology knowledge based on the partner's business and use of Esri technology are available in some programs.
  • Earn Specializations: Partners are eligible to apply and earn Esri technology and market-focused specialties, unlocking more benefits and visibility.
  • Events: Partner programs provide discounted passes or exhibit opportunities to a variety of dedicated world-class Esri events. Gain exposure to Esri ArcGIS customers via event participation, including the Esri User Conference, the largest GIS industry event.
  • ArcGIS Marketplace: Partners are eligible to apply to become a provider of products, content, or services on the ArcGIS Marketplace, Esri's e-commerce store, to reach the global ArcGIS customer base. Fees may apply.
  • Software: To explore the ArcGIS Location Platform, partners receive a complimentary Standard Partner Package. The package helps jump-start partners and is refreshed regularly, allowing continued access to Esri's latest technology via My Esri. Partners may also purchase a variety of software licenses and subscriptions; some partner discounts are available. 
  • Marketing with Esri: Partners receive a variety of marketing benefits to reach their target audience through branding guidance, assets, demand generation, and marketing enablement.
  • Solution Delivery Licensing: Partners are granted the ability to deliver Esri technology, including software, data, or online services as part of an embedded, hosted, or bundled solution.
  • Training: Esri enables partner success by offering a variety of training opportunities and webinars. Take advantage of unlimited free e-Learning on Esri's Training site, which has resources for everyone in an organization to deepen their knowledge of ArcGIS and learn tips and techniques, anytime from any location.
  • Company Directory Listing: Partners can showcase their business offerings on Esri's dedicated Find a Partner directory and gain exposure to Esri's more than 350,000 global customer organizations.
  • Partner Community: Partners have access to exclusive online self-help partner branding and resources to support learning, co-marketing, sales enablement, networking, and more.

*Please refer to the Esri Partner Network Policies, as each program provides different benefits and requirements, including some fees. In accordance with Esri's Legal Master Agreements, organizations may require a sales authorization with negotiated licensing pricing to allow partners to deliver Esri technology, including software, data, or online services, as part of an embedded, hosted, or bundled solution with ArcGIS. There are also supplemental policies.

All EPN programs are available globally. Partners outside of the US typically work with their local Esri distributor as the first point of contact and to access localized support and effectively sell in their region.

Please visit the Develop with ArcGIS products website to learn how to build mapping and spatial analysis applications with powerful APIs, location services, and data management tools.

The Esri Advantage Program for Partners offers organizations in the Esri Partner Network strategic collaboration through technical visioning, technology alignment, and operational support with the ArcGIS system. This program is available globally and requires an annual subscription.

Partners typically start in either the Startup or Bronze program, based on eligibility and business model. To apply for additional programs, Esri Partner Resource Center approval is required, upon which a sponsor code will be provided.

For these programs, the application process consists of three steps:

  1. Submit qualifying questions and make program selection.
  2. Log in with an Esri ArcGIS account.
  3. Complete application details.

Be prepared to provide company and contact info, business and offering, partnership vision, and mapping experience within the application. When applying, consider how your offering is going to drive the adoption of the ArcGIS technology. Responses may be saved and completed in another session before submitting the form. Be sure you have an actively monitored email address to use in the application for status updates. If you experience issues, contact the Partner Resource Center.

Get started by going to the Esri Partner Programs application and completing the initial qualification questions. Select the Esri Partner Network program emblem you're applying for and proceed to log in with Esri credentials. If you don't have an ArcGIS account, you can create one for free. Once signed in, complete the application.

Please send inquires to

Esri is committed to reviewing and responding to applications within 30 days. Applications are carefully reviewed by Esri to ensure mutual success. If the company location is outside the US, Esri's global distributor network will also review and support the partner application.

If accepted, you will receive a congratulatory application status notification email confirming eligibility. Partnership agreements for the Esri Partner Network and the associated program's supplemental agreement will follow. These agreements will require your e-signature. All contracts must be signed to complete the formal acceptance process. Once an agreement is completed by all parties, all contacts will receive a copy of the completed agreement. A welcome email will follow, including all onboarding details to get started, including information about accessing software, support, and partner benefits. At that time, an invoice will be sent for any partner fees due.

If the application is declined, the Esri team will contact you and provide recommendations on next steps in the application status notification email.

Acceptance into the program is at Esri's sole discretion.

Follow the directions in your welcome email and start your onboarding by logging into the Esri Partner Community.

You will be provided key team member access to the Esri Partner Community and My Esri to start activating software and explore technical and business alignment resources and joint partnership, comarketing, and sales enablement opportunities.

Please use the contact options at the bottom of the page. You can also send inquires to

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