Esri and Microsoft

Delivering geospatial analytics and business intelligence

Discover the business value of location

ArcGIS software helps Microsoft users unlock location intelligence in their business data. When you see your data on a map, you’ll be able to make more informed business decisions quickly. Location gives you valuable context and insight for site analysis, asset management, customer service, and sales. Find answers immediately by revealing hidden patterns in your data and gaining new perspectives. Learn how ArcGIS integrates with Microsoft applications, leverages Azure cloud services, and can be deployed in the Azure cloud.

Spatial analytics for Microsoft Fabric

Transform decision-making by integrating spatial insights into Microsoft Fabric. Reveal patterns and trends using sophisticated spatial analysis tools and the interactive mapping capabilities of ArcGIS. Soon, users will be able to seamlessly deliver results into Microsoft 365 and across the Fabric environment.

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A desktop monitor displaying a GIS dashboard with a map and other data

Esri’s ArcGIS and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

The strengths of ArcGIS and Azure Cloud have converged. Many ArcGIS products can be deployed or virtualized in Azure. ArcGIS also leverages Azure services to deliver highly scalable, performant, and secure GIS and storage.

Learn about ArcGIS and Azure
A graphic of a light blue cloud overlaid with three multicolor cubes and an orange icon with a cloud connecting mobile devices

ArcGIS for Teams

Access your ArcGIS maps and apps within Microsoft Teams to transform teamwork. Create maps, share content, and manage data while leveraging ArcGIS apps in everyday chats and meetings.

Use ArcGIS and Teams together
 ArcGIS for Teams interface showing a gray digital street map with a path highlighted in blue and an icon of three people

ArcGIS for Power BI

Map and analyze data in Microsoft Power BI. Harness the power of spatial analytics by activating location-based insights inside your business data. Enhance mapping capabilities and visualizations.

See how maps and BI combine
A bridge traffic dashboard showing numerical data, a line graph, pie chart, and a bar graph

ArcGIS for Excel

Bring data from spreadsheets, graphs, and presentations to life using interactive maps and see the story from another perspective. Get new insights, gain a deeper understanding, and make better business decisions.

Work with maps and Excel

ArcGIS for SharePoint

Map SharePoint data to see key business measures in color-coded, point, clustered point, or heat maps. Enrich your data with ready-to-use geographic content including demographic and lifestyle information.

See how maps connect content

ArcGIS Insights

Explore data and perform advanced analytics such as spatial, statistical, predictive, and link analysis within an intuitive user experience.  Revolutionize decision-making with new insights.

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Computer monitor showing two gray maps with scattered data points next to four bar graphs and other textual data

ArcGIS Survey123 Connector for Power Automate

The Survey123 connector for Microsoft Power Automate automatically prioritizes the dynamic data of Survey123 based on type, department, urgency, and, most importantly, location. 

Learn more about Survey123
Microsoft Power Automate interface with text prompts for creating and sending surveys next to an orange hexagon icon

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