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Tap into SAS-ArcGIS Bridge for advanced statistical and spatial analyses

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Esri and SAS are the global leaders of geographic information systems (GIS), advanced statistical analytics, data discovery, and artificial intelligence (AI). They have collaborated for over 20 years to bring integrated software to government, education, and private organizations. Esri ArcGIS and SAS Viya are an unmatched combination of spatial data science and deep business insight tools that uncover new patterns in data, improve geospatial understanding, and predict outcomes. The SAS-ArcGIS Bridge capability enables you to work seamlessly between ArcGIS and SAS. Build on the strengths of both spatial analysis and statistical science to gain a deeper understanding of your data, encourage cross-platform collaboration, and leverage advanced analytical modeling.

What you do with the SAS-ArcGIS Bridge capability

Transfer data between ArcGIS and SAS

Easily transfer your tabular data between ArcGIS Pro and SAS Desktop or SAS Viya. You can transfer data using geoprocessing tools, ModelBuilder, or Python Notebooks, allowing convenient automation and familiar environments.

An infographic of how data is converted and transferred between ArcGIS and SAS, and running SAS code within ArcGIS Pro

Bring SAS analytics into ArcGIS

Utilize SAS Viya's powerful, cloud-based AI and predictive algorithms from within the ArcGIS system to build and validate analytically sound models. Seamlessly pass ArcGIS data to SAS for analysis and return the results to ArcGIS, using the only toolset available that brings the power and scale of SAS analytics and ArcGIS data together.

A computer screen showing a United States map with blue and purple shading representing voter turnout by voter ID requirements

Bring spatial data and analytics to SAS

Extend your SAS models with access to ArcGIS spatial data, spatial algorithms, and powerful mapping and visual analytics capabilities.

A computer screen showing a blue and purple bar graph of retail insights in the Mid-Atlantic states shaded in light blue

Share results and workflows across teams

With the SAS-ArcGIS Bridge, you can collaboratively design, build, and share analytical results and workflows by combining two of the most powerful data analysis technologies into a single environment. Share analysis results and workflows in ArcGIS or SAS Viya.

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Get started with the SAS-ArcGIS Bridge

To use the SAS-ArcGIS Bridge, ArcGIS Pro is required.

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