Deliver 3D ocean data to the classroom

The perfect setting to discuss the EMUs is the classroom. Engage students’ intellects by explaining how studying marine data can make a difference. Demonstrate how the EMU Explorer web app allows oceans to be visualized in 3D. Share your observations and encourage participation. Lecture about fish and you might capture the student’s interest for the day; teach them about the tools to impact fish and their habitats and you’ll capture their interest for a lifetime.

Dive deeper with the EMU Explorer

A two-dimensional approach to understanding the ocean is just scratching the surface. Use the EMU Explorer to take students through the ocean’s third dimension to discuss how various properties may impact marine species.

Launch the Web App 

Example Lab Work

Use the EMU Explorer to examine dissolved oxygen levels within the Gulf of Mexico. Then have students explore closer to the mouth of the Mississippi to explore relationships between fertilizer runoff, algal blooms, and marine life.