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Environmental and Sustainability Statement

Corporate environmental stewardship

Global environmental stewardship

Esri provides tools to solve the problems of today and prepare for those of tomorrow while conducting environmentally sustainable operations.

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Sustainability goals

Esri was founded to participate, influence, and provide solutions for a more sustainable future. For more than 50 years, Esri has continued to pursue this goal by both helping customers develop more sustainable practices and constantly working to improve its own practices.

Esri is committed to the following:

  • Sustainable practices across all business operations
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Land preservation efforts
  • Water conservation

As technologies evolve, it becomes possible to transform a passion for the environment into reality, leveraging these technologies in daily practices and long-range strategies. This moves everyone toward greater environmental sustainability.

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Sustainability vision

Be an outstanding global citizen; protect our world’s resources; and influence customers to reduce our collective environmental impact through geographic science and, ultimately, use geographic information system (GIS) technology and location intelligence to build a sustainable future.

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Sustainability mission

We leverage The Science of Where to enable sustainable decisions by our customers, and we continue to drive sustainability in our operations, products, and community. Our environmental and sustainability position is based on these pillars:


Ongoing stewardship to reduce Esri’s corporate

Business practices

  • Conversion to digital workflows
  • Reduction of discretionary business travel
  • Digital collaboration options
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  • Renewable energy infrastructure 
  • Migration of company fleet to electric vehicles
  • Geodesign incorporated into company facilities 
  • Environmental technology within Esri facilities 
  • Recirculated chilled water systems
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Responsible water use

  • Irrigation from nonpotable water infrastructure for Esri and community purposes
  • Aquifer recharge via permeable pavement parking lots and catch basins
  • Remote sensing weather stations driving water conservation with smart irrigation
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Waste management

  • Recycling and waste management program for conscientious, landfill-diverting disposal
  • Compostable-waste collection sites
  • Biodegradable materials replacing single-use plastic
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Employees and communities

  • Employee engagement to support and encourage sustainable choices
  • Influence in the accessibility of Omnitrans buses and newly developed Metrolink Arrow train service for transportation
  • Conservation
    • Preservation and restoration of native species
    • Planting and donation of hundreds of thousands of trees
    • Reforestation programs
    • Advocacy for open spaces, trails, and parks
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  • Rideshare and carpool programs
  • Electric charging stations on campus with reduced charging rates for employees
  • Public transportation—Omnitrans and Metrolink Arrow
  • Bicycling and walking to work programs
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Our guiding principles are to:


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