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Esri Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Take your GIS career to the next level.

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Two young professionals smiling joyfully, and square maps and line designs in the background

What is YPN?

Esri's Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a community for those just starting their GIS journey or experienced professionals new to the field. Learn more about the power of location technology, connect with like-minded peers and industry experts, and gain leadership experience that can advance your career.

Learn more about the power of location technology

Discover strategies for career growth and professional success.

Connect with peers and industry experts

Grow your network of innovative and tech-savvy contacts.

Gain leadership experience to advance your career

Develop and use leadership skills that raise your profile.

Two people sitting at a desk smiling and pointing to a computer, and a red and blue aerial picture of a work site

Get access to GIS innovators and emerging leaders.

Make connections that encourage career growth.

Enhance leadership skills through mentorships.
Portrait of Jack Dangermond, Founder and CEO of Esri

Meet the YPN Advisory Board

The advisory board is composed of Esri staff members across various departments with diverse GIS backgrounds. This group of individuals is passionate about supporting the next generation of GIS professionals and promoting career development in the GIS industry.

  • Portrait of Raquel Perez, YPN Founding Board Member, with square and line designs in the background

    Raquel Perez

    YPN Founding Board Member

    Raquel Perez is a marketing manager supporting conservation, climate change, earth sciences, and national government.
  • Portrait of Caroline Sampa, Advisory Board Member, square and line designs in the background

    Caroline Sampa

    Advisory Board Member

    Caroline Sampa became product readiness lead in 2018. She is excited to provide young professionals opportunities to grow in the GIS industry.
  • Logan Stevens

    Advisory Board Member

    Logan Stevens is an ArcGIS Enterprise release engineer. He is passionate about career development and continuing to advance his skill sets.
  • A portrait of Rosemary Boone, an advisory board member, with square and line designs in the background

    Rosemary Boone

    Advisory Board Member

    Rosemary Boone is a senior marketing manager on the education team who is passionate about GIS in education and empowering young professionals.
  • A portrait of Marcus Seepersad, an advisory board member, with square and line designs in the background

    Marcus Seepersad

    Advisory Board Member

    Marcus Seepersad is a marketing automation specialist committed to helping others access the resources needed to create a successful GIS career.


Faces of YPN: Gabrielle Abraham

Gabrielle Abraham, a GIS research associate at Mona GeoInformatics Institute in Jamaica, describes her start in GIS and discusses current projects.

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