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What types of products and services can I find on ArcGIS Marketplace?

You can find apps, data, ArcGIS Pro add-ins, ArcGIS Web AppBuilder widgets, partner solutions, and app and data bundles on ArcGIS Marketplace. All data listed on ArcGIS Marketplace is in a supported ArcGIS Online format. Data is available either ready for use or customized by request to a provider.

What types of apps are available on ArcGIS Marketplace?

Available apps include web apps and native apps (iOS, Android, Java, .NET, and so on). All apps require an active ArcGIS Online subscription to sign in and use. For a complete list of supported APIs and ArcGIS Runtime SDKs, see the ArcGIS Developer documentation.

What is an ArcGIS Pro add-in?

An ArcGIS Pro add-in is an archive file containing an add-in assembly that references the ArcGIS Pro API. The assembly, along with a companion Config.daml file, can customize the ArcGIS Pro user interface (UI) and add specific functionality (for example, automating a repetitive workflow or adding a custom tool).

What are bundled items?

Bundled items offer the opportunity to purchase more than one item through a single listing. There are two types of bundled items: app bundles and data bundles.

Apps can be listed on ArcGIS Marketplace with optional supporting data services. For example, ArcGIS hosted layers (feature, tile, scene) can be grouped with an app, providing users with access to multiple services through a single listing. Anyone with access to or a license for the purchased app can access the supporting data services.

How do I search for listings on ArcGIS Marketplace?

Here are the different ways you can search for and view listings on ArcGIS Marketplace:

  • Browse and filter—Browse specific categories of ArcGIS Marketplace listings using different filters. Filter listings by product type, industry, business need, pricing model, what the product works with, and supported platform. The filters appear on the left side of the page. You can refine your results by selecting multiple filters at once.
  • Search by keyword—Type keywords in the search field above the listings to find items. ArcGIS Marketplace matches your keywords with listing properties such as provider name, tags, and description to return a set of relevant results.
  • Sort results—Use the Sort By drop-down list in the upper right corner of the listings to sort results by title, date listed, or rating. You can also use the arrow next to the drop-down list to choose whether to list items in ascending or descending order.
  • View listings—Each listing in your browse or search results includes a product or provider name, description, pricing or trial options, and thumbnail image. Click a listing to view a description of the item, read reviews of the item (if applicable), get information on the provider, and initiate a trial or purchase.

How does licensing work for items on ArcGIS Marketplace?

There are two licensing methods for ArcGIS Marketplace items: license by organization and license by member. Items licensed to an organization are shared with a group by the administrator, and all members in the group have access to the item. Items licensed by member are accessible to specific members who have been assigned a license.

Are there ratings and reviews for ArcGIS Marketplace listings?

Yes. Ratings represent a weighted average of five stars, with one star reflecting a poor review and five stars reflecting a very good review. Reviews are submitted by customers who have either tried, purchased, or used the item. Ratings and reviews are visible on the Reviews tab of a listing.

If you submit a review for an item, you will receive a notification if the provider comments in response.

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