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ArcGIS Software Access Options

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Access for professionals

  1. Get a trial of ArcGIS Online for professionals or find other product trials. You’ll need an email address associated with a business, government, or nonprofit organization. Note: Personal email addresses or public email domains, such as,, will not be accepted.
  2. Gain access to an existing ArcGIS subscription by contacting your supervisor or IT department.
  3. For further assistance, contact Esri Sales.
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Access for higher education

  1. Contact your instructor, adviser, IT department, or library regarding access to ArcGIS. If you attend a college/university
        a. In the US, go to this app.
        b. Outside the US, contact your local Esri office.
  2. If ArcGIS access is not available, purchase a low-cost ArcGIS for Student Use subscription (nonstudents can purchase a low-cost ArcGIS for Personal Use subscription).
  3. Register for a free, limited-functionality ArcGIS public account.
A student holding folders and notebook

Access for personal projects

  1. To achieve personal learning goals, Esri offers noncommercial, low- and no-cost licensing.
        1. Purchase an ArcGIS for Personal Use subscription.
        2. Register for a free, limited-functionality ArcGIS public account.
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Contact sales

Talk to someone on our sales team


7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (PT)

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