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App Builders

Easily create web apps for any workflow

Components of the App Builders, including the AppStudio for Desktop window, maps, charts, and other configuration options.

Leverage GIS as a communication tool

Engage your audience through compelling web apps that showcase your maps, data, and content for informed decision-making. Save time and resources by maximizing your ArcGIS investment and building apps with no-code or low-code development. Exercise creative freedom with configuration, style, and layout options to serve any workflow or purpose.

Benefits of app builders


Build dynamic apps for any purpose

Whether you want to share focused mapcentric apps, informative dashboards, interactive stories, or immersive web experiences, Esri has an app builder for you.

The quickest way to transform your maps into apps

ArcGIS Instant Apps quickly transforms your maps into focused, interactive web apps through a collection of purpose-driven templates. Leverage easy-to-use, built-in tools to showcase 2D and 3D data; display a gallery of content; deliver local public information; or encourage your audience to interact with features in your map such as attachments, charts, or time sliders.

Explore ArcGIS Instant Apps
An app built using ArcGIS Instant Apps in a desktop monitor against a green background, along with the Instant Apps logo and configuration options

Make decisions at a glance

Display maps and data in an interactive and easy-to-read dashboard. Make informed decisions in real time, update your community and stakeholders, and see changes by displaying your location-based data in one convenient place. Use a diverse range of tools, including maps, lists, charts, and gauges, to effectively convey information to your audience.

Explore ArcGIS Dashboards
A dashboard built using ArcGIS Dashboards in a desktop monitor and the ArcGIS Dashboards logo against a yellow background

Publish compelling digital stories

Transform your GIS work into interactive stories that inform and inspire. Whether you want to effect change, influence opinion, or create awareness, maps are an integral part of storytelling. Weave in text, photos, and videos to your 2D and 3D maps, surveys, dashboards, and more to create contextual narratives that are easy to publish and share.

Explore ArcGIS StoryMaps
A story about the Stone Age inside a monitor, the ArcGIS StoryMaps logo, and some configuration options, against a blue green background

Build immersive web apps your way

Create an immersive web experience for your audience by unifying web apps, web pages, interconnected widgets, and both 2D and 3D data through a flexible drag-and-drop interface. Configure how your web app looks on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. Build custom widgets, themes, and actions with low-code development to further extend your web app.

Explore Experience Builder
A no-code web app built using ArcGIS Experience Builder, enclosed in desktop, tablet, and mobile screens, and the Experience Builder logo, against a blue-green background.

Take the apps you build even further

Use ArcGIS Hub to unify apps and deliver open data content with easy-to-create destination websites. Apply custom domains and branding to improve discovery of your work. Support stakeholder collaboration and community engagement with additional features included in ArcGIS Hub Premium.

Learn about ArcGIS Hub

User App

Studying public health issues with map data

Direct Relief created an app to track vaccine acceptance across the US with the ArcGIS Instant Apps interactive legend.

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App builders are included with the following user types for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise:

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