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Integrating the power of location into AEC workflows and projects is now seamless and efficient with these collections that enable a smarter, more collaborative design process.

ArcGIS for Location + Design: Connect InfraWorks to ArcGIS

Watch how to connect InfraWorks to ArcGIS, ensuring everyone is working from the same information. To get started you will need to: 

  • Access GIS content from InfraWorks
  • Configure and map GIS content to the InfraWorks data model
  • Visualize GIS content in your 3D context model

This step-by-step video will guide you through the process and ensure your trial experience is a great one.

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ArcGIS for Location + Design: Load your data into ArcGIS

Follow along to upload content into ArcGIS, enabling your company to have a single source-of-truth for project data. To get started you will need to: 

  • Go on a tour of ArcGIS Online
  • Upload a Shapefile into ArcGIS
  • Connect to the uploaded data from InfraWorks

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ArcGIS for Field Operations: Streamline data collection

See how apps like Collector make it possible for you to connect your surveying data to designs, streamlining data processing and reducing data duplication. To get started with Field Operations you’ll need to:

  • Download Collector for ArcGIS on your mobile device from the store 
  • Create data and a web map
  • Login to the mobile app and collect data
  • Use the ArcGIS Connector to connect data in your Autodesk products
  • Validate the hydrant location in the field
  • Use collector Update location of the hydrant and lateral line
  • Visualize the updated information in InfraWorks

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Read "5 Minutes to Your First Collector Map"

ArcGIS for Site Selection: Validate your site and designs

Learn how to gather, visualize, and analyze data around your project site, to validate that you are making the best design decisions. To get started with Site Selection you’ll need to:

  • Log into Business Analyst with your ArcGIS user name.
  • Create a project
  • Identify your project site
  • Begin analyzing information around your project site
  • Load content into Business Analyst
  • Run a walk time analysis and add demographic content to your content
  • Share content with the rest of your team

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Location & design working to address global challenges

Growing populations, urbanization, and climate change are creating huge challenges for the world's infrastructure—but also enormous opportunity. It is estimated that by 2050, 68% of the world's population will be living in cities and will need an estimated 1,000 new structures a year to keep up.


success story

Pape-Dawson Engineers

With a pipeline project spanning seven counties, this Texas company created a mobile GIS solution to gather and share data across different entities.

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