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Technical Information

ArcGIS for Aviation Community

The ArcGIS for Aviation Community provides you with the technical resources to be successful.

System Requirements

The ArcGIS Aviation Airports solution requires ArcGIS Desktop. Refer to the System Requirements for details.

Common Questions

Who uses ArcGIS Aviation Airports?

ArcGIS Aviation Airports offers specialized tools and information products for collecting, managing and performing automated quality control of airport operations infrastructure data. These capabilities allow airports, airport management organizations, and airport consultants the ability to collect and submit standard-compliant data required by domestic and international regulations. The solution also includes a suite of analysis tools supporting terrain and obstacle management and certification and planning workflows.

What are the various data models available in ArcGIS Aviation Airports?

ArcGIS Aviation Airports supports the FAA's AC 150/5300-18B requirements and includes data model extensions for the Electronic Terrain and Obstacle (eTOD) and Aerodrome Mapping Database specifications.

What Obstacle Identification Surface (OIS) standards does ArcGIS Aviation Airports support?

ArcGIS Aviation Airports supports FAA and ICAO specifications. The solution has the capability to generate FAA Part 77, AC 150/5300-18B, and AC 150/5300-13A OIS surfaces. ICAO Annex 14 and 15 OIS specifications are supported by ArcGIS Aviation Airports as well.

What preconfigured data validation rule-bases does ArcGIS Aviation Airports include?

ArcGIS Aviation Airports includes preconfigured data validation rule-bases for the FAA AC 150/5300-18B, AMDB, and ICAO eTOD standards.


What do I get when I purchase ArcGIS Aviation Airports?

ArcGIS Aviation Airports provide the airport user community with components for data management, data quality control, regulatory compliance verification, terrain and obstacle management, and information sharing via ArcGIS Online.


Do I need to purchase other Esri software to run ArcGIS Aviation Airports?

Yes. ArcGIS Aviation Airports operates directly and dependently with Esri's core software. Please refer to the System Requirements for further information.

Are training courses available for ArcGIS Aviation Airports?

Yes. Training and implementation support are offered through 3 and 5-day jumpstart packages at any appropriately equipped customer site. Training can be given to key staff who will be using these tools. For further information regarding training and implementation support please contact

Can I use the current version of ArcGIS Aviation Airports with an older version of ArcGIS?

No. To install and function correctly, the versions must match. For example, ArcGIS Aviation Airports 10.2.2 only works with ArcGIS 10.2.2.

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