ArcGIS Aviation Charting Features

Efficiently generate ICAO-compliant chart products

Collage of obstacle Identification surface and chart showing routes and airspaces

ArcGIS Aviation Charting supports  efficient aviation data management with integrated workflows to generate high-quality chart products that are compliant with the aviation standards set by authorities. Aviation Charting includes a data model optimized for data exchange via formats like AIXM, preconfigured chart templates, and tools to support automation and change detection.

Aeronautical database

Create an aeronautical database using the out-of-the-box schema that is modeled after the latest release of AIXM and is compliant with international aviation standards. This highly normalized database is engineered to support data exchange from a variety of formats and is optimized for high-quality aviation chart production. 

An enroute chart with multiple lines and data points next to a database can icon

Preconfigured templates

Accelerate implementation of a data-driven charting system by leveraging preconfigured chart templates that comply with ICAO Annex 4. Templates include project files, layouts, and business rules that drive symbology and annotation. Customize the chart templates to meet your organization's requirements by modifying the provided configuration files.

A blank ICAO-style enroute chart template with a map on the left and textual data on the right

Configurable business rules

Configurable business rules automate chart production. Cartographic features control which features are included in the chart. Data mining tools navigate the AIXM-compliant database to  symbolize a feature or assemble text for annotation. Finally, layer-based masking rules improve the overall readability of the chart.

Chart showing procedure legs and navaids with boxes of letters and numbers next to a sliding configuration icon

Aeronautical chart change reporting

Effectively plan the production cycle with reports that identify and provide metrics about charts that are impacted by changes to data. Quickly process updates with an intuitive user interface for reviewing changes. Automatically navigate to each change and visualize how it impacts the appearance of the updated chart in a side-by-side view.

Side-by-side comparison of two charts showing route lines in red and representing changes next to a checklist icon

Specialized tools for charting

Use specialized tools to derive additional information from your data and support advanced charting requirements such as line bypasses, complex airspace configurations, and the display of coincident airways. Easily generate aviation-specific elements like chart leads, cruising altitudes, minima tables, scale bars, and north arrows to ensure compliance with aviation standards.

Aerodrome obstacle chart showing a map and graphs next to a screenshot of a list of specialized tools

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