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ArcGIS Business Analyst

Location-based market intelligence

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See people and opportunities clearly

ArcGIS Business Analyst helps you make smarter decisions for market planning, site selection, and customer segmentation by combining demographic, business, lifestyle, spending, and census data with map-based analytics. Through desktop, web, and mobile apps, Business Analyst demographic mapping software helps you identify under-performing markets, pinpoint the right growth sites, find where your target customers live, and share the analysis across your organization as accurate infographic reports and dynamic presentations.

Gain an edge with ArcGIS Business Analyst

Take a data-driven approach to validate your instincts about a location and stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of ArcGIS Business Analyst

Site selection and market planning

Analyze marketplaces to see where to expand or reduce. Tools include consumer profiling, market potential, sales forecasting, drive time, and trade area rings. You can perform demographic analysis and facility and retail site selection, create trade areas around a location, and identify a market for your products or services.

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Territory design and area planning

Balance your network to help each location and territory manager succeed. Use automated workflows for territory design, location-allocation, and market penetration analyses. Locate your underperforming sites, predict how proposed locations will perform, and use multiple data sources to determine the best locations.

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Target new and existing customers

Understand new and potential customer preferences and needs so you know whom to target and how to attract them. Divide customers into targeted groups. Browse and use both demographic and census data including age, income, gender, family size, and health history. Use lifestyle and behavioral data to learn what people prefer. 

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Data and infographics to drive decisions

Take a data-driven approach to validate your assumptions about location. Access global data for more than 130 countries with over 15,000 variables on market data. Combine proprietary data on locations and property costs with data about prospective customers, clients, or patients, then share your analysis as customizable infographics.

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A collection of location analytics tools

Analysts use an array of tools, and each is used for a specific objective. Drive business and your e-commerce strategy using a collection of desktop, web, and mobile apps and Esri's hosted data. From visualizing demographic data for an area of interest to performing advanced analysis like designing and optimizing trade areas, ArcGIS Business Analyst delivers a collection of tools for analysts, researchers, and GIS managers alike. 

How Business Analyst works

Step 1—Identify

Identify areas for analysis which are critical to your industry—from site selection for real estate to shelter locations for emergency response.

Step 2—Analyze

Analyze areas using Esri Demographics alongside your own data. Interpret the results in a spatial context, run analysis, and generate stunning maps.

Step 3—Share

Present your findings with informative maps, stunning infographics, and map-based stories that showcase your analysis.


Mid-America Real Estate Group

Using Business Analyst, Mid-America has refined its site selection workflows to identify the best possible locations for its clients' businesses.

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Business Analyst fully integrates into ArcGIS

Available on any device, anywhere, anytime—Business Analyst can be implemented into your current workflow as a web browser software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution or as part of your on-premises ArcGIS ecosystem.

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