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Boost efficiencies with multi-tenant software

Shared access availability for aerial intelligence provides efficient service across your organization, regardless of size.

Two overlapping images of computer screens displaying aerial images under analysis.

A scalable platform that grows as needed

Expand the capacity of your system on demand as you grow your drone program to maintain optimal performance, perform more advanced analytics, and manage operations across multiple sites.

Three overlapping images of aerial maps and heat maps of suburban areas.

Richer insights, using deep learning toolkits

As your data volume grows, leverage the extensive AI and deep learning tools in ArcGIS to dig deeper into your historical data, and see patterns that can help you make better business and policy decisions.

An image of a computer screen displaying a heat map under analysis with an overlaid line chart.

Powered by Site Scan

ArcGIS Site Scan, Esri’s versatile, cloud-enabled photogrammetry platform, is an essential component of the Online Drone Mapping Collection. ArcGIS Site Scan allows users to share information within ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise in various formats, from reports to maps to models, boosting efficiency and collaboration across different teams. ArcGIS Site Scan provides highly scalable cloud processing of drone imagery with an elastic cloud which grows to accommodate the imagery and processing required, then creates 2D and 3D web visualizations for richer insights and analysis.

Three overlaid drone images. Two are heat maps of industrial and agricultural areas, one shows computer analysis of a bridge.

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