Field Crews Access Enterprise Information

Norwegian industrial group Lyse Energi operates hydropower and power distribution, district heating, gas distribution, and fiber to the home with Internet and TV services. The company requires secure location awareness for efficient asset management of its networks.

Lyse Energi uses a map portal made possible by ArcGIS Enterprise to provide field crews with up-to-date network maps via a mobile app. Information shared via maps includes utility networks, planned projects, ongoing digging, work orders, customers, and land usage.

The map portal is used by more than half of Lyse Energi’s 1,000 employees. And, more than 100 technicians use the app on a daily basis. Field crews report a daily time saving of up to 30 minutes with the solution due to reduced time spent retrieving information. Faster access to maps also results in less time troubleshooting and improves delivery of power, Internet, and TV.

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