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Take your maps with you everywhere you go with ArcGIS Explorer, available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Access your maps from your mobile device 24/7. Bring searchable maps with you that include markup and measurement tools to easily find your way and communicate with others about landmarks, assets, and areas of interest. View licensing and pricing options and talk to an Esri representative for support.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get the ArcGIS Explorer app?

ArcGIS Explorer is available on Google Play, the App Store for iPad and iPhone, and the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices. 

Do I need a specific user type to access ArcGIS Explorer?

ArcGIS Explorer is available to use with or without a named user account.

For users within your organization that need access to maps that aren't shared externally, they will need credentials to view your maps. In this case, you would want to provide them with a Viewer user type that will give them access to the maps they need to use.

If you want to share maps with people outside your organization (third parties, contractors, agencies you work with, etc.), use the ArcGIS Publisher extension to create public map packages that can be opened in Explorer by anyone—without needing to sign in with a named user account.

Can I work offline?

Yes, ArcGIS Explorer supports working offline with mobile map packages (MMPKs) and web maps. To learn more about working offline with MMPKs and web maps, see Download maps.

Can I edit data in the app?

No, editing data is not supported in ArcGIS Explorer. If you need to edit your data, see ArcGIS Collector or ArcGIS Survey123.

Does ArcGIS Explorer consume credits?

No, Explorer doesn't consume credits.