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Statewide delivery of GIS

ArcGIS Solutions for State Government includes a set of free maps, apps, and best practices specifically tailored to the needs of state governments. As an ArcGIS user, you can deploy this solution to quickly deliver applications and workflows that promote efficiency, improve government services, and engage constituents.

Deploy focused mapping applications

ArcGIS Solutions for State Government provides configurable applications tailored to address the state's economic landscape, health and safety, educational performance, emergency management response, and environmental protection. Empower organizations and policy makers with improved analytics to solve business problems and serve constituents.


Easily configure and rapidly deploy

ArcGIS Solutions for State Government helps organizations rapidly deploy applications that improve efficiency, facilitate constituent engagement, and support analysis-based decision making. Simple deployment reduces the time required by staff to address the needs of their organization and increases their availability for other projects.


Boost productivity and ROI

ArcGIS Solutions for State Government includes the Executive Dashboard and Briefing Book designed to help state agency executives and workers communicate the status of key initiatives and projects and more effectively manage their assets and activities. These solutions help organizations address the state's rapidly evolving needs while taking full advantage of the ArcGIS platform.

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