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ArcGIS GeoPlanner

ArcGIS GeoPlanner

Impact-driven scenario planning for environmental systems

A laptop screen displaying a satellite image of a green and white area with a transit line highlighted in red, overlaid with a pie chart illustration

Planning agencies are experiencing significant challenges with rapid growth and development while protecting critical areas due to limited land resources, development pressures, and complex planning processes. ArcGIS GeoPlanner is a geodesign and scenario planning application that keeps the pulse on the environmental impact for new or existing designs. With spatial context and visual storytelling, ArcGIS GeoPlanner helps communicate design intent while balancing environmental constraints.

Natural systems planning driven by impact and KPIs

ArcGIS GeoPlanner leverages spatial analytics to quickly assess the suitability of your proposed or existing designs with key performance indicators (KPIs) for easy reporting.

Inform your design with powerful analytics

Scenario planning for environmental systems requires thorough analysis and rigorous testing. ArcGIS GeoPlanner offers specific tools such as overlay analysis that simplify the landscape planning process and deliver clear analytics to help identify critical issues for existing and proposed designs.

Monitor displaying a satellite map with green land and blue water and a box showing Weighted Raster Overlay (WRO) analysis

Impact evaluation made simple

ArcGIS GeoPlanner leverages built-in metrics and dashboards to help track, evaluate, and report on the impacts of your designs. With customizable KPIs, ArcGIS GeoPlanner is an end-to-end planning solution that delivers comprehensive metrics to help balance environmental constraints with proposed or existing projects.

Computer monitor showing numerical data, bar graphs, and pie charts

Iterative scenario planning with ease

Environmentally-focused scenario planning requires rigorous evaluation of every alternative. ArcGIS GeoPlanner helps to showcase geodesign alternatives that are data-informed, visually impactful, and interactive in 2D and 3D. With project screening capabilities, ArcGIS GeoPlanner helps identify opportunities or constraints within a design to help maximize performance and mitigate potential constraints.

Monitor displaying a multicolored digital map with a popup box showing the project screening option in ArcGIS GeoPlanner

Simplify your planning process

ArcGIS GeoPlanner is an easy-to-learn application that is simple to use and removes complexity from the landscape planning process to help drive collaboration for your projects.


Go above and beyond with ArcGIS GeoPlanner

Take your environmental analysis to the next level, share your work more broadly, and obtain feedback from your community of users with these supporting products.

ArcGIS Dashboards

ArcGIS Dashboards

Share and compare the impacts and performance of your designs with approachable, stakeholder-facing summary dashboards.

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ArcGIS Hub

ArcGIS Hub

Share critical information about your entire project, engage stakeholders, and disseminate outcomes with your constituents.

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ArcGIS Survey123

ArcGIS Survey123

Embed your design alternatives within a survey, solicit feedback, iterate, and improve your designs.

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ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro

Develop custom geoprocessing workflows and detailed environmental analysis, publish them as geoprocessing services, and leverage them within ArcGIS GeoPlanner.

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