Transform the way you engage and collaborate with your community. Identify key priorities, such as reducing homelessness, increasing transit options, or expediting downtown revitalization. Then, use ArcGIS Hub to manage the content and share related data with collaborators and constituents.

Open Data

Sharing data is a fundamental first step in building a hub that connects people together who care about their community. Make data accessible to everyone at any time by sharing your authoritative open data to decision-makers, staff, and the public alike.

Hub Apps

ArcGIS Hub includes special ready-to-configure applications and tools that encourage community engagement.


Use ArcGIS Hub to create an event such as a town hall meeting, hackathon or meetup. Organize the content, people, and calls to action around your community initiatives.

Community Participants and Collaborators

Spur participation in your community. ArcGIS Hub is a two-way platform that allows organizations to collaborate with their communities on projects and initiatives.

Initiative Team Management

Form teams and manage people who can analyze or contribute data to your initiative.

Community Engagement Dashboards

Real-time analytics through intuitive dashboards enable you to measure how well you are reaching your community and continually fine-tune your approach.

Be an Innovation Leader

Contact us to see how you can create a smarter, more engaged community with ArcGIS Hub or take this quick online Hub Readiness Assessment to see how far your city has to go on its Smart City journey.

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