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ArcGIS Image Dedicated

Image management and analysis from your AWS or Azure cloud storage

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ArcGIS Image Dedicated brings raster analytics and streaming capabilities directly to imagery in your Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud environment. With this service, Esri will manage dedicated servers next to your imagery so you can reduce egress costs and enable scalability.

What can you do with ArcGIS Image Dedicated?

Keep imagery where it is

ArcGIS Image Dedicated is ideal for organizations that have imagery in cloud storage, are mandated to keep their imagery in specific regions, or need to process imagery close to existing storage to reduce egress costs and enable scalability.

No infrastructure required

Eliminate the time it takes to build, set up, and manage infrastructure for ArcGIS users. From your cloud storage, transform large imagery collections into tiled and dynamic image services accessible to users from ArcGIS desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Make imagery ready to use

Stream intelligent tiled services that provide performance, and retain pixel information so users can perform analysis, set renderings, and enhance imagery by changing band combinations.  Serve dynamic image services that provide server-side mosaicking and processing for rich analysis capabilities and performance over low-bandwidth networks.

How it works

Identify your cloud storage

Let Esri know whether your imagery and raster collections live in AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Interface with Image Dedicated

Use ArcGIS Pro to author image services.

Serve imagery

Transform your imagery into tiled and dynamic image services that are ArcGIS ready. Additionally, stream OGC compliant WMS and WCS endpoints.

Enable analysis

Provide an extensive suite of raster functions, tools, templates, and APIs to power image analysis projects and solutions in ArcGIS.


ArcGIS Image Dedicated adds capabilities to serve and analyze imagery in your cloud storage. Imagery must reside in AWS or Azure.

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Need ArcGIS Pro?

To use author image services, you must have an ArcGIS Pro license. Compatible licenses include GIS Professional user types (Basic, Standard, or Advanced) and ArcGIS Desktop (named user, single use, or concurrent use) containing ArcGIS Pro 2.1 or higher.

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